Sophie Ferjani: her 10 best makeover ideas


Sophie Ferjani: her 10 best makeover ideas

Pierre Olivier / M6

At Côté Maison, we're a fan of Sophie Ferjani! After the show House for sale, the host took the reins of D & CO on M6. We invite you to rediscover the 10 best deco makeover tips from SOS Sophie videos. On the program: give a boost to its decor without breaking the bank thanks to Sophie Ferjani!

Our favorite decorator, Sophie Ferjani always has good tips to boost the decor without breaking the bank. Thanks to her talents in deco makeover, she replaces Valérie Damido at the head of the show D & CO on M6. We invite you to remember the 10 best decorating tips given by Sophie Ferjani in our SOS Sophie videos.

1. Restyle the furniture to give them a second life

An old-fashioned, worn, old-fashioned or badly matched piece of furniture? Before you get rid of it, think of the makeover! Take the old family wardrobe or old-fashioned buffet in your living room for example, with patina (or stain) and a little elbow grease, your furniture is a second youth.

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2. Two thirds, one third: the golden rule for the layout of the stay

Your living room includes the living room and the dining room? According to Sophie Ferjani, the natural distribution of the living room is one third of the space for the dining room and two thirds for the living room. Unless you receive every day, you spend more time in the living room than in the dining room, so it is necessary to leave him the most beautiful place.

3. Paint the doors the same color as the walls

To make the decoration of your room, and especially the living room, coherent, the decorator advises to paint the doors in the same color as the walls. This technique makes it possible to visually enlarge the space and to avoid bringing out your doors in the decoration.

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4. Optimize the location of the sofa

If in a large living room put the sofa in the center of the room is not a problem, it is not recommended by Sophie Ferjani for small salons or those of medium size. The sofa finds its place back to the wall and preferably facing the door. Thus, he invites relaxation and conviviality.

5. Choose color gradients to reboost a room

Sophie Ferjani likes to put color in a room to revamp. But be careful, no matter how. If you want to paint your piece in color, choose well-matched shades of color, avoiding garish colors. Prefer a beige and a taupe rather than an orange and a red.

6. Go for the wall cladding to warm up the mood

If you're not lucky enough to have bricks or exposed stones, Sophie Ferjani advises you to apply a wall covering sparingly. With material on the wall, the atmosphere warms up easily in a room. Choose a false paneling or fake exposed bricks or for small budgets, wallpapers mimic these coatings. A deco idea to privilege in the big stays.

7. Highlight your furniture

Do you have a beautiful library or a magnificent buffet? Do not leave it in a corner of your room. A beautiful piece of furniture deserves a place in the center of the wall where it will take its full extent.

8. Repaint the tiles in the bathroom, and even the sanitary!

An old bathroom? Old-fashioned tiles? Before breaking everything, Sophie Ferjani recommends using special paint to repaint the elements. The furniture, tiles and even the bath and toilet can be repainted with a suitable paint. And for a great decor, swap the shower curtain of your bathtub against a more modern glass shower screen.

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9. Create a headboard

The decor of your room lacks charm? The interior designer recommends placing a headboard. This element has a double effect in the room: it implements the bed in the room and warms the atmosphere, especially if the walls are white. For the budget, think to create yourself the headboard.

10. Replace high furniture in the kitchen

To revamp your kitchen without changing all the furniture, Sophie Ferjani advises to disassemble the high furniture, or at least part, and replace them with shelves. With this inexpensive tips, the kitchen seems less crowded. You can have jars or nice boxes on the shelves for a decor at the top.

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