SOS Sophie: reviving rustic cuisine


Sophie Ferjani relooks the old-fashioned rustic kitchen of Josy.

Christine Soler

An old fashioned wooden kitchen 50's style? In 6 steps, it is possible to relook effectively this room, without changing everything. Follow the advice of SOS Sophie ...

SOS Sophie tackles Josy's rustic kitchen. She wants to change her style for a chic country atmosphere. The U-shaped kitchen is functional, only downside: there is too much wood in the decor. Sophie Ferjani brings an effective answer, without changing everything.

Dress up a rustic kitchen in 6 steps with SOS Sophie

Step 1: repaint the kitchen furniture

Sophie Ferjani proposes to repaint the wooden furniture with a special paint to erase the rustic look. She chooses the Fleur de Sel from V33, special kitchen furniture. This product will reveal the veins of wood to retain the charm of the kitchen. The decorator advises Josy to also paint the bench of his kitchen, the feet of his table and the cupboards in the same color.

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Step 2: repaint the kitchen tiles

For old-fashioned credence, Sophie Ferjani offers a makeover, without changing it, with a special kitchen tile paint. The decorator opts for a linen color that goes well with the color Fleur de Sel kitchen furniture.

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Step 3: a new work plan

Rather than repainting the work plan of Josy's kitchen, Sophie Ferjani proposes to change it to a worktop in just oiled raw oak. It brings modernity to this freshly repainted kitchen.

Step 4: revamp the kitchen table

Josy wants to keep the table in his kitchen to receive his friends and family. Sophie Ferjani proposes to place waxed concrete on the tiles covering the table to make it more modern. The feet have already been repainted in Fleur de Sel like the furniture in the kitchen.

Step 5: create a grand old-fashioned dresser

Sophie Ferjani installs instead of Josy's refrigerator, a large storage cabinet type dresser. The decorator advises the surfer to create the dresser with low boxes and tall boxes, narrower, also repainted in Fleur de Sel.

Almost custom-made, Ikea Metod's kitchen storage allows you to extend to the ceiling. Metod kitchen, Bodbyn gray facades, Ikea.


Step 6: Cool the walls and the floor

Finally, for the walls, the ceiling and the window, Sophie Ferjani chooses a white paint that brings brightness and contrast with the rest of the kitchen. It proposes not to remove the tile from the floor but to cover it with large self-adhesive tiles imitation parquet. Lying in the direction of the length, they create a cottage atmosphere in the room.

Little more decoration: To give Josy's kitchen a contemporary chic style, Sophie Ferjani proposes to replace the existing hood with an extractor hood. The user can also add stainless steel handles to his kitchen. Revamped, Josy's kitchen is as new in a chic country style.

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