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SOS Sophie: more brightness for a dark room

SOS Sophie: how to bring brightness into the kitchen?

Christine Soler

This week, Sophie Ferjani brings her bright ideas to Caroline who regrets the absence of light in the kitchen and the living room of her new home. Small and big jobs, deco tips, here is the best of SOS Sophie.

Caroline just bought a house with her husband. Only small problem in this pretty house: the lack of light in the kitchen and the living room. Sophie Ferjani comes to their rescue by suggesting some ideas that could change everything ...

The advice of Sophie Ferjani to bring light in the kitchen and the living room of Caroline:

1. Some big works are to consider:

- Open one horizontally as a beautiful panorama on the outdoor landscape will allow to leave between the natural light.

- Although they are pretty, fading them will help to gain in brightness. So do not hesitate to create a false ceiling over it. Low voltage spots are included for functional lighting above. A bright idea that will delimit more the kitchen and avoid that it encroaches too much in the living room.

- On the side of the studs, we remove the filling between the beams that is not useful. The light will be able to move from the living room to the kitchen.

2. Smaller works, easily achievable, seem unavoidable:

- The remaining beams must be painted white to increase brightness.

- Painting the tomette with a special paint will also be a tip to enhance the bright character in the kitchen. Be careful to respect drying times for this type of product!

Also discover the advice of Sophie Ferjani for.

3. Deco side, some tips that will change everything:

- Choosing fabrics with neutral colors, linen curtain below for example, will be more discreet and let the light settle.

- Opting for a huge clear raw oak farm seems like a good idea to keep the style given to this kitchen and bring it more light. Installing a bench and / or mismatched chairs will enhance the desired effect.

- Install one under this large table to delimit the space is also a good tip. It will be less cooking, more dining.

- Changing the fixture over the table for a gigantic is an easy and effective trick to gain in style and brightness.

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