Stéphane Bern: where does the friend of the crowned heads live?



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Stéphane Bern, our favorite animator, lives in Paris in the 9th. House side visited him at his home. Interview in an apartment overgrown with books ...

Stéphane Bern loves creating atmospheres. After realizing the dream of a house on the Greek island of Paros, he has just acquired a huge property in the Perche, his building site of the moment, which will allow him to exhibit his many collections of objects. But it was in his Paris apartment where he entrusted the decoration to the interior architect Cyril Vergniol, we managed to introduce us. Imagine an old nineteenth century building in the district of New Athens, echoing his Philhellenism.

Your favorite room where you like to be and spend time?

Stéphane Bern: My office-library is the room where I live the most. It is decorated with wood paneling. Everything is entirely turquoise blue. There are few objects and furniture. This room is full of papers, piles of photos, small flags, and especially columns of books absolutely everywhere. We do not know where to walk. My books reassure me.

Your furniture: rather modern, ultra design, family, pitcher?

Stéphane Bern: When I bought this apartment, I entrusted the decoration to Cyril Vergniol who made his weapons at Alberto Pinto. He respected my tastes: it's classic contemporary chic. He mixed old antique furniture, my chairs Louis XVI (we do not rebuild!) With elements of contemporary designers: Van der Straeten appliques, Hubert Le Gall pieces, a coffee table by Ado Chale, a real piece of art…

On the walls, there are large paintings of contemporary art, including Thai and Chinese that I brought back from my travels. On the floor, there are modern carpets made in Morocco at El Tapisero. They are tied with wool and rope. In the office, a rug like animal skin, striped brown, and another larger for the living room with geometric shapes and several materials. This brings a touch of warmth. I also ordered bespoke carpets in absolutely beautiful colors for my villa in Paros.

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Formerly, I had a very busy boudoir interior but with the years, I learned to lighten. Today, I only collect books, faithful and wonderful friends. My current home is rather bare. All that is contemporary and comfortable is in Paris, all 18th century furniture will go to my house in Perche ...

The most unusual or unexpected that can be discovered at home?

Stéphane Bern: We are struck by books that are absolutely everywhere. It could be the inside of a writer!

Your favorite color in your home?

Stéphane Bern: Apart from my very particular blue desk, Lectoure blue, the rest is in the gray mice and shades of beige.

An object or piece of furniture that you could not separate?

Stéphane Bern: Something intimate: the picture of my parents. And besides my books, I'm not attached to objects, I feel nomadic.

Your last favorite purchase for the house?

Stéphane Bern: I bought faience from Moustier. I fell in love with this village that I discovered by hosting the show "The favorite village of the French ".

The kitchen, rather open or closed?

Stéphane Bern: The kitchen has been arranged in an old corridor with ingenuity by Cyril Vergniol. Everything is black and completely concealed with the metallic side and design of the household appliances: the coffee machine, the citrus press, the blender, etc. I only go through it for breakfast.

And the TV, which room?

Stéphane Bern: In the kitchen.

Do you live with music or rather in silence?

Stéphane Bern: In classical music.

What is on your bedside table?

Stéphane Bern: American lamps from the 50s and books again and again. I always read before falling asleep. On the first bedside table are the historical works: I love the collection of biographies of the Mercure de France, I read at this moment The memoirs of Louise de Prusse. I just read too "The exchange of princesses"From Chantal Thomas And on the other night table, I have the"About happiness"Alain.

Do you dream of one more room? If so, for what purpose?

Stéphane Bern: I always preferred small apartments to find the atmosphere of a protective cocoon. The big spaces scare me.

Rather orderly or messy?

Stéphane Bern: My office is in a total mess but it's full of life!

Are you green plants, flowers, balcony, terrace, garden?

Stéphane Bern: My apartment has a view of a garden. And inside, there are always flowers. I buy bouquets every week. I like pastel shades and bouquets of white flowers.

Your addresses or favorite brands for the home?

Stéphane Bern

  • For carpets: El Tapisero, handmade carpets from Morocco ( They really make incredible rugs for all decorators.
  • For tableware: I like well decorated tables to create an atmosphere. I prefer the suppliers of the past, the craft products (I have beautiful tablecloths that I bring from everywhere). For glasses, I love the glassware of Biot and for the champagne, the cups rather than the flutes. I recently bought beautiful engraved Empire style crystal glasses at the Hermitage Museum. For plates, I like Bernardaud's porcelain, etc.
  • To perfume the house: I love Trudon waxes (fig and orange blossom). Boutique Trudon - 78, Rue de Seine - 75006 Paris.

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