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Painting trend: what color for 2016?

Painting trend: what color for 2016?

Little Greene

Blue, green, yellow, pink, red ... Difficult to navigate when you want to add color to your decor. Whether you want to be at the forefront of trends or choose a timeless color, Côté Maison takes stock of the paint trends for 2016.

To know which color is trend in 2016, which finish to choose or which paint absolutely avoid under penalty of being outdated, Côté Maison went to meet Sophie Neveu, color coach for Little Greene and Philippe Szczuka, color consultant at Farrow & Ball .

1. What is the color of the year 2016?

For Philippe Szczuka, in 2016, green and blue are in the spotlight. It is green francs, gray that take over the blue. The cooked tones also come to settle in the house. "Red ocher or terracotta colors without going to the red," says Philippe Szczuka. "In recent years, the colors asserted were strongly demanded.In 2016, the agreements tend towards softness, shades more muted, more extinct". At Farrow & Ball, we imagine matching green or tones cooked with gray natural hues. They are versatile and soft.

Opinion shared by Sophie Neveu from Little Greene who also sees 2016 in green. Flattering colors, green apple or bottle green sign the trend of next year. This shade is inspired by Italy and Spain. "I can see this color highlight old interiors, with cachet." The coach combines green with pure white. "One must avoid calming the color with another." As for the rose, Sophie Neveu share a total look in a room or touches in a living room.

Painting Room Green 81, Farrow & Ball.

Farrow & Ball

Mazarube 256 paint, Intelligent Matt Emulsion finish, from 38.50 euros for 1L, Little Greene.

Little Greene

2. Which color (s) for which room?

In the living room, we look for a neutral tone. It is a room where we receive, neutral colors are welcome. Philippe Szczuka advises to paint a wall in color if one wishes to be original. At Little Greene, we propose to apply powder pink paint or another light but joyful shade. According to Sophie Neveu, "it is better to avoid too strong colors in the living room because it often has a lot of decorative elements".

Purbeck Stone 275 Paint, Farrow & Ball.

Farrow & Ball

In the kitchen, "It's interesting to play the color card, especially if the furniture is neutral" for Philippe Szczuka. There is often little room on the walls, which is another reason to dare to paint them in a straightforward color. Sophie Neveu and Philippe Szczuka agree on this point. We dare the apple green, the yellow franc, the blue supported ... And if the kitchen is open, it is painted the same color as the living room, in neutral tones.

Sophie Neveu tends to give the painting of the bathroom with that of the room when the two rooms are adjoining. If it is not the case, it invites the color avoiding the green or the yellow, two shades which give poor appearance. At Farrow & Ball, Philippe Szczuka advises against the old-fashioned eggshell or ivory.

Calamine 230 painting, Farrow & Ball.

Farrow & Ball

Bedroom is a private space where you can express yourself in painting. At Farrow & Ball, we recommend daring pink, in an adult or child's room or bet on other feng shui colors. Nude / flesh colors are very popular for repainting the bedroom. "We do not paint the room in vibrant red but we can dare the color on the ceiling to enlarge a small room and not on the walls" according to Sophie Neveu. In a room of classic size, one will prefer a refined decoration with neutral colors.

According to Little Greene, entry is the place where you can dare color. It is a place of passage where the color gives a glimpse of the house. We can paint the walls in bold and dark colors because the entrance does not need to be bright like the living room.

Atomic Red 190 and Brighton 203 finishes, Matt Emulsion finish, starting at 38.50 euros for 1L, Little Greene.

Little Greene

3. What color of 2015 remains trend?

Little Greene and Farrow & Ball agree that blue remains trendy in 2016. After the very dark blue, even cargo of last year, we dare shades more gray. The pink powder is also always in 2016. We add the gray and green khaki.

Stiffkey Blue 281 painting, Farrow & Ball.

Farrow & Ball

4. What color is timeless?

According to Philippe Szczuka, a beautiful gray will never go out of style. It's a timeless neutral tone. For Sophie Neveu, it is the green that remains eternally trendy. It's a natural shade that goes with everything. Conversely, in 2016, the two tendeurs make a cross on the mole pulling on the brown. "The mole is too much seen and if it is not given to another color, it is not so warm" according to Philippe Szczuka.

Castle Gray 92 painting, Farrow & Ball.

Farrow & Ball

5. In terms of finish, what is the trend?

At Farrow & Ball, we believe in matte velvet or silky finish, a washable mat that is easier to maintain. Exit the classic mat, non-spongable, which certainly brings warmth but is difficult to put in the living rooms. At Little Greene, we look for satin finish or glossy lacquer for small areas. Applied to a strategic point of the room or on the woodwork, it raises the decor of the whole and enlarges the space.

Thanks to Philippe Szczuka, color advisor at Farrow & Ball and Sophie Neveu, color coach for Little Greene.

Phtalo Green painting, from 38.50 euros for 1L, Little Greene.

Little Greene