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Cendrine Dominguez: his hidden passion is the mountain


Pro of the decor on TV, Cendrine Dominguez is passionate about mountains. Interview of Cendrine Dominguez signed Côté Est ...

You are anchored in Contamines-Montjoie, in Haute-Savoie, a village resort very nature. What seduced you?

Cendrine Dominguez : "The village life, the Contamines-Montjoie (of which Cendrine Domingez is a municipal councilor) is an alternative to posh resorts and those of the" all ski "Here, at the end of the valley, life flows peacefully. When the spring arrives, the gardens come to life gently: there is a mixture of flowers and vegetables, as is the tradition in the mountains.Hiking is practiced in the summer and when you ski, in winter it is in front of you at Mont Blanc! The family tradition is very strong and many have known the village child and continue to come adult ...

This relationship to the earth, out of time, healthy, reassures me. And then, I like the people, these Hauts-Savoyards who cultivate a true culture of hospitality: we must not forget that we are on the road to Mont Blanc. Here I wash my mind. "

You are finishing a cottage in Les Contamines: how has the mountain habitat evolved in recent years?

Cendrine Dominguez : "The osmosis with the environment seems more than ever obvious.It is important not to pose as an invader, especially when you're not from here.I worked together with craftsmen premises and the result is a chalet that is both innovative and perfectly integrated with its environment.

For fifteen years, insulation technologies have evolved along with lifestyles and decorative styles. The prodigious advances in heating and glassmaking techniques have changed the way things are done in terms of openings: the preference now goes to the large windows opening onto the mountain, to the detriment of the traditional small windows caulked by red curtains. We no longer protect ourselves from the outside, we invite it on the contrary inside. For the development, we also dare mixtures, polished concrete is now married without problem with wood. As for sustainable development, it has long been a reality, we only use local materials.

What place does Savoyard folk art have in today's chalets?

Cendrine Dominguez : "I am personally a great pottery lover of Evires, I also love the spirit and the joy of living that emerge from poyas and old, folkloric decorations ... The pottery and the art of carved wood are very beautiful know-how, to preserve. "

You are organizing this summer, for the first time, Mont-Blanc Photo Festival. How was this initiative born?

Cendrine Dominguez : "This Mont-Blanc Photo Festival experience that connects Les Contamines-Montjoie, Sallanches, Combloux, Megève and Saint-Gervais is born from a desire to celebrate and even to confront our eyes on the mountain. personal, traditional or more contemporary, like the photographers who participate in the Festival, while sharing the same values, there is a certain homogeneity in the difference.The mountain, in any way, we "speak" .

It was when I saw the work of my daughter (Léa Dominguez), an urban art photographer, on "her" mountain that the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis festival came to me. I found it interesting to gather different views on the same passion. The exhibition, which brings together ten artists, is conceived as a journey in five communes. Everyone goes at his own pace, as it should be here. "