Valérie Damidot: "The show D & co changed my life!"


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Five years already! Valérie Damidot is celebrating the anniversary of her show D & co, which has jostled emissions on the decor. The opportunity for an interview behind the scenes of the show ...

How many people are asking for your intervention? And is the choice easy?

Valérie Damidot : No ! We receive about 3,500 requests a month for D & Co. The "casters" make a first sort. Then they move to see if it's feasible. Then we go on the spot with Pascale the decorator to meet the families, see how we can solve their problem. It is a casting and we are ready to get high when we have favorites.

And what are your favorites?

Valérie Damidot : Actually, I want to help those who need it especially when there are kids. That does not mean falling into misery, but I refuse to go to those who are armored. They do not need us.

What we see on TV is the reality or is it a little different?

Valérie Damidot : It's exactly that. And I can tell you that revamping a house in 8 days is a challenge. On some sites, we worked like crazy. As at Manu, Melanie and their 5 children. Or Laëtitia in 2008, a young girl who lost the use of her legs on a motorcycle and for whom we have completely remodeled the house. We work as a team with the plumber, the electrician, the plasterer, the mason ... And the work is otherwise the journalists would have to say it!
I participate in all the work. I learned to tinker, to lift boxes. I also became aware of my limitations. Endurance, it takes when you finish at 5 in the morning to meet deadlines!

Where do the furniture and objects come from?

Valérie Damidot : I chine, I look a lot websites, I go to the stores. There are consumer brands that I like a lot like Alinéa, Castorama, Leroy-Merlin, Fly ... On the other hand, I hate Ikea. I did not have to use more than three Ikea objects in 5 years. Yet, this is the name that comes back all the time when talking about my decor.
In addition, more and more manufacturers are contacting us. At first, it was not the case!

Since the show began, has your decorating style changed?

Valérie Damidot : Probably ! I do not live in a bubble. We go to the exhibition "Houses and Objects", we follow trends, modes, new products. I was the first to show the printed stretched canvas. And now, we see in all the magazines of decoration.

Do people give you directions or do you have carte blanche?

Valérie Damidot : Sometimes they have a very specific idea. Otherwise, it's more of a theme. We adapt. And they are not disappointed. Frankly ! We spend too much time with them preparing the project and doing the work. They can not be disappointed!

All this is to stay in the budget of the bucket, the famous dumpster that annoys us but is the basis of the show. When children ask me for a room Scoubidou or Narnia (to see in the show in late May), I know from the outset that it will not be easy. Licenses are very expensive!

How has the show evolved in 5 years?

Valérie Damidot : For the first broadcast on April 22, 2006, we went nose to wind. I still remember it. It was at a young couple with two children. They needed one more room. Since then, the show has not really moved. We refined the concept, formed a team and I added the overalls in the second season. It's still more practical. On the other hand, we have more and more ambitious projects, especially in prime time. It must vary well. In total, we made 240 in 5 years.

Before D & CO, you were a journalist. The show brought you fame. And what else ?

Valérie Damidot : It changed my life. There will be a before and after D & CO. First, it's a fantastic human adventure. I spend a lot of time with families. After the broadcasts, we stay in touch. They invite us for a drink, give us news of the children.

And then there is the team, between 50 and 80 people depending on the program. I am more often with them than with my family. We live together 3/4 of the time. I became a TV star overnight but they are the champions. And I thank them!

D & CO in 5 years, what is it?

Valérie Damidot : I hope there will still be plenty of skips and specials like this winter at Robert Debré Hospital. Why not schools? But, my dearest wish is to continue having fun with the same team
In 5 years. it will be about 50 years old. It would be a great birthday!

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