Where does journalist Noëlle Breham live?


Noëlle Breham

Nathalie Guyon / FTV France 5

Radio chronicler and television host, Noëlle Breham lives next to Versailles, in the oldest house in her village. Books everywhere, flowers and a bit of recuperation ... Interview tac tac tac for Côté Maison.

When Noëlle Breham is not in studio at France Inter to record "Les P'tits Bâteaux" which she celebrated the fifteen years in 2013, or filming alongside Stéphane Marie in "Silence ça pousse" on France 5, she works most often at her house where she colonizes all the rooms with piles of books and papers!

His house is an old village farm. The building has the advantage of being very high ceiling which allowed him to develop his room in mezzanine but the rooms are small with load-bearing walls. No garden but a small courtyard and a terrace! Like the hostess, it's an interior that lives and vibrates with fantasy and changes with the seasons! Silence, it opens the doors ...

Your favorite room where you like to be and spend time?

Noëlle Breham: I turn with the sun. In the morning, I like cooking; in the afternoon, the living room where there is fire in winter. I also like being in my bed with a lot of things: books, papers, a teapot and sandwiches. Now that my children are gone, I'm lying down, I'm lying down ... and invading every room.

I turned my son's room into an office but the living room can be used as an office. In short, I colonize my entire house.

Your furniture: family, modern, pitcher, ultra design?

Noëlle Breham: Very heterogeneous. To the great shame of my companion and my children, I make bulky and I transform them. I do not like family furniture, it makes me crazy! Those of my parents are too big for my home and I have not kept an extraordinary memory!

The most unusual or unexpected that can be discovered at home?

Noëlle Breham: A safe bronze color that serves as a small table ...

An object or piece of furniture that you could not separate?

Noëlle Breham: I like small furniture. The one I particularly like is the size of a night table, it's called a cooler. It has two floors and the location for two water bins. It is not sophisticated but everyone wants it and I am delighted to have this piece that belonged to my aunt!


Credit Noëlle Breham

There is also a Dutch clock in light wood with marquetry that I love, with moons and suns moving. But the most unusual is that instead of issuing a ding-dong, she sings small tunes that vary over the hours ... She first belonged to my grandparents and my parents.

Dutch family clock

Credit Noëlle Breham

Your favorite color in your home?

Noëlle Breham: If I could, I would put yellow everywhere! No luck, I live with a guy who thinks it's not chic. I had to negotiate for the curtain of the front door but would have liked to put it somewhere else and also paint the bathroom in yellow. There is only one ocher in the living room and elsewhere, the walls are white. Fortunately, I have some paintings of Haitian artists who bring color. Then I play with cushions, tablecloths ... and paintings that I like to rotate according to the seasons.

Your last useful or futile purchase for the house?

Noëlle Breham: Small colored frames that allow me to keep and hang all the beautiful cards that I receive ...

The kitchen, rather open or closed? A dish on the run?

Noëlle Breham: It is a country kitchen which is unfortunately closed. I would like to open it but with the load-bearing walls, it's complicated. There is a door open at all times to go to the dining room. The wood dominates, there is an original brick wall; on the ground, it is painted concrete and especially there are plenty of windows and a door that open onto the terrace.

It is not a fitted kitchen, so no work plan. Just a small modern table in the center and very few appliances, except an oven, a nice gas stove metal color ...

A dish on the run?

Noëlle Breham: When I like a dish, I do it all the time! It's like when I discover an author, I want to read all his work. I just discovered the monkfish liver that I buy in a delicatessen in Versailles. An address that I recommend because everything she sells is beautiful and my kitchen is decorated with pots and jars, like this beautiful bottle of square olive oil ... I serve the liver of monkfish like foie gras with bread grilled - I have a passion for bread! - and I accompany it with a green salad and black radish.

I also have a new turnip salad recipe, drizzled with a lemon wedge, or I can serve herrings with potatoes. I favor a simple cuisine. It must be good and fast of course!

And the TV, which room?

Noëlle Breham: No flat screen yet! A big TV in a corner of the dining room that also serves as an office and where I watch shows. And then, I have a second smaller in my room. I hide them by covering them with stuffs.

Do you live with music or rather in silence?

Noëlle Breham: Silently ! In winter, I like the sound of fire and summer, that of birds. The music in the background never. The music when I listen to it, I put it hard. Most often, it's classic. I also like dancing on what falls on the radio ... Then when it's over, it's over!

Noëlle Breham

Crédit Nathalie Guyon - France Television

Rather candle or rather perfume of atmosphere?

Noëlle Breham: I have a thing for the old Rigaud green candle (the one in my grandfather's office) or the Figuier perfume at Diptyque. I just discovered in pharmacy Sanarom candles, which last quite a long time.

What is on your bedside table?

Noëlle Breham: A mess ! (Cry of the heart). Books, lots of books ... among others about American Indians and also tales. The Yi King, a book of ancient Chinese wisdom that is for me is a source of advice. At the moment, I'm reading a novel about the revolution "The hangman's boarder"Olivier Dutaillis (Albin Michel) We discover the atmosphere in Paris under the French Revolution.It is an ideal reading for young people, because we learn who were Danton, Robespierre ... No books on the garden, I call Stéphane!

For the devourer of books you are, no library?

Noëlle Breham: : The question of storing books is a real headache. With large libraries even with a ladder, you end up not knowing what you have. One day, I had a storage crisis and I removed rays: I was choking. I ended up buying books I already had. I gave hundreds. Pocket books are not expensive and today, I prefer to renew. And when I love a book, I buy it in several copies and I offer them. Books are made to shoot.

Do you dream of one more room? If so, for what purpose?

Noëlle Breham: It would be a library and music room ... I would put my piano because I like to play for me.

Rather orderly or messy?

Noëlle Breham: I have trouble with the order. I fight, I fight!

Before the show with Stéphane Marie, you had the green thumb?

Noëlle Breham: Yes, I had a green thumb, but I did not practice like now. I learned a lot with Stéphane to optimize my terrace.

Your favorite season?

Noëlle Breham: I love nature in winter but for the garden, I prefer spring and summer.

Rather flowers or plants?

Noëlle Breham:Flowers! I sow, I love cosmos, myosotis ... Since my collaboration for "Silence that pushes", I think to make harmonies of colors and to organize more. I like shades of pink, purple, blue and white. I buy a lot of bouquets and everything is arranged so that I can look at my pots from my bed in mezzanine, even if I get up several times to move them.

Noëlle in action during the renovation of the surroundings of the library of Champagne sur Oise (special show of April 16, 2014)


How is your terrace arranged?

Noëlle Breham: Bulky are my main supplier! I have innumerable pots in the ground because my dream would be to have a Roman terrace.

Your addresses or favorite brands for the garden or the house?

Noëlle Breham:

- The delicatessen "Beautiful and good at the same time", 7 rue de la parse - 78000 Versailles

- For Plants: a garden center in Noisy-Le-Roi or Les Fermes de Gally

- For furniture: bulky or Ikea

- For candles: Rigaud or Diptyque

Where to find Noëlle Breham?

- On France 5 in "Silence it pushes" with Stéphane Marie, Wednesday at 21:35, broadcast on Saturday at 10:15 and Sunday at 7:55, then replay for the next five days.

- On France Inter, in "Les P'tits Bateaux", on Sunday from 19:30 to 19:55.