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Why take an architect?

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Good reasons to use an architect to take care of your spaces ...

Prejudices have a hard time: although the public is increasingly interested in architecture (witness the success of the "Open Days" organized in spring 2009 by the magazine "Architectures à vivre" throughout France ), the majority opinion is still that an architect is expensive and unmanageable ... This is false, of course!

The classic achievements, well designed but without daring or exorbitant budget ... the architects are also responsible. In fact, most are listening to their customers and the stories of complicity born during the development of a project are legion.

Creation or rehabilitation, the architect is the best able to shape your projects. He will create new spaces, reorganize volumes ... His knowledge of materials will allow him to meet budget constraints without sacrificing quality.

It will also be the only one able to meet certain challenges (sloping ground, long plot, unstable basement ...). In these extreme cases, the savings made on the purchase price of a difficult terrain, lower, largely refund his fees!

As for interior designers, their interventions are certainly not limited to shopping trendy objects. Their job is to "see" a place as a whole. And to support an individual who often has difficulty assessing his needs.