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Video deco: floated concrete, instructions for use

Charlotte Carreno

On the floor, on the wall, on the worktops, in the bathroom ... The floated concrete is a waxed concrete that dresses our surfaces with a trendy and colorful decorative touch. Demonstration with Xavier Grindel ...

The material for floated concrete

- Mixer to mount on his drill
- A kitchen scale
- A painter's knife
- A stainless steel smoothing

The steps of a floated concrete

- Pass a primer on the surface

1. Prepare the mixture- Mix the tinted binder and the premix (which can itself be pre-tinted). Be sure to weigh these doses exactly to reproduce the same with each mix.

2. Apply the product- To apply the product, use the stainless steel trowel and the painter's knife.
- Apply the first layer 1 or 2 mm thick to deposit material.
- Let it dry until it mattifies.

3. Finishes- Rub with a sponge to remove small defects.
- Apply a second, thinner layer.
- Leave to dry for 4 to 5 hours.
- Sand lightly with a sandpaper to blur the defects.

To find out more about Mercadier waxed concrete and their internships open to individuals, visit www.mercadier.fr