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A new and ecological house for 210,000 euros max!


No more big budgets to build the ecological home of your dreams. Here are 5 ideas for building a new low-energy home with a reasonable budget ...

1. Prefer prefabricated wood

The wood frame is manufactured in the factory, then assembled on site in a few weeks, Lego way. Advantages ? The house is delivered ready to live (connections and finishes) in record time (4 months on average), the risks of defects are limited and the prices are ultra-competitive. Built on this model, the house Kokoon is a passive house of 103 m2 to 100 000 € (excluding earthmoving and transport), made of wood of the Vosges and insulated wood fiber and hemp wool. Other examples, the constructive system Dhomino (€ 1,200 per m2) or the contemporary houses of Swedish Next House (€ 100,000 for 95 m2, excluding VAT, transport and assembly).
More informations : www.maison-kokoon.fr, www.dhomino.fr and www.nexthouse.se/en.

2. Use a builder

All offer houses with an energy consumption of up to 50 kWh / m2 / year, anticipating the 2012 thermal regulations. Constructed of concrete or brick, well insulated and well oriented, they cost less than € 1,000 per m2. Some builders even market positive energy homes, which produce more energy than they consume. More expensive (between 1,300 and 1,700 € per m2), they are equipped with solar shades, solar panels, VMC double flow, etc. Last December, the Union des maisons françaises (UMF) awarded seven winners in the category "Première maison BBC", including Ars Vivendi, Dominique Charles and Pierre & Terre, and six in the "Maison positive energy" category. ", including Trecobat and Ariane Constructions.

3. Divert an industrial module

Metal containers, agricultural sheds or horticultural greenhouses in polycarbonate: they are diverted from their industrial use to build dwellings. Large-scale products with robust and cheap materials, they are inexpensive to manufacture. It is also necessary to ensure their assembly and connections, to pierce berries, to insulate, to heat, to ventilate, to create a winter garden, and so on. For this, it is advisable to go through a specialized professional (architect or other). We can afford, for less than 100 000 €, a house at once original, spacious, comfortable and quickly mounted.

More informations : www.maison-container.com and www.moducal.com (two companies specializing in container development). See also the work of architects Alter Smith (www.altersmith.com), Lacaton & Vassal (www.lacatonvassal.com), Boris Nauleau (www.bn.architectures.ath.cx), Christophe Hutin (www.christophehutin.com) and IP Architects (www.ip-architectes.fr).

4. Start self-building

House with insulated wood frame with straw or hemp, construction in mud ... Building your own bioclimatic home is a lot of time and energy, but it is also very profitable: we can go out for less than 1 000 € m2, finishes included. Associations specializing in eco-construction can help you to carry out your project (organization of training courses and participatory projects, documentation, advice, etc.), for a modest contribution.

5. Choose a Respekt home

They are called Maison Ly, Eco-Logis La Breche, Villa Concept and Sweet Home. These four models of low-energy or energy-positive houses, with contemporary architecture, are spacious (133 to 174 m2), rather accessible (from 160 000 to 200 000 €) and duplicable in series. Designed by architects or builders, they won the Rockwool rockwool insulation manufacturer's competition. The first (Villa Concept) was delivered in March in the Bouches-du-Rhône, the second (Sweet Home) just out of the ground in Val-d'Oise.
More information: 01 40 77 82 45 or www.maison-respekt.fr.