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A kitchen for the elderly

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How to build a senior's kitchen: secure the space to avoid falls, make equipment accessible ... Here are our tips to restore the desire to go behind the stove ...

How to secure space

To prevent falls, the flooring must be slip-resistant. Also place grab bars everywhere in the room, where loss of balance is possible, as well as a handrail along the worktop. In addition, clear the traffic areas of any obstacles. Avoid as much as possible the wires lying on the ground. For this, equip your kitchen many plugs, to be placed at the switches. Or fix them to the wall or in rows-wires.

Other ideas for adapting a kitchen to the elderly:
- Install lever or shower faucets with thermostatic mixing valve to control the flow and temperature of the water.
- Multiply the sources of light inside the storage and under the high storage.

Indispensable, the smoke detector, the alarm alarm or the telephone with recordable numbers. Small details that will allow you to be rescued faster in case of incident.

An adapted household appliance

Oven or microwave, the right height is between 50 and 60 cm. If you are moving in an armchair, opt for side-opening doors that are easier to open and less dangerous. Note the maintenance of the microwave, less restrictive than that of the oven. If you wish to equip a dishwasher, it should be at the same height as the oven.

In addition, choose simple household appliances for use and maintenance. Give priority to gas-fired electricity, the latter being at risk of leakage. On the cooking side, induction hobs or vitroceramics combine the good points. A lower risk of burns, lighting of areas in operation, easy cleaning, quick cooking and the ability to slide dishes from a plate to the worktop. In all cases, they must be equipped with a light that indicates the degree of heat.

Finally, even if the dream is to cook with the latest robots and high-tech utensils, it is better to opt for simplicity to not take the risk of injury.

Storage at your fingertips

In general, prefer sliding door elements. Tall storage should be placed between 45 cm and 50 cm above the worktop. Better to give up the idea of ​​furniture with sharp angles. If, despite everything, you choose this type of furniture, cover them with corner protection. Some types of furniture may turn out to be fake friends. This is the case of service-type wheeled tables. While they can carry heavy loads without effort, but wheeled furniture is often a source of decline, when we rely on it.

Do not store anything in height. Everything must be at hand and must not require any effort. Small utensils (knives, whips, spatulas ...) will be placed in drawers. The big cooking accessories (pots and pans) also, so that one does not have to bend or climb on a stool to be able to catch them. Also think of these internal elements that can be lowered manually or electrically to access more easily objects placed at height.

Side work plan think to arrange it so that one can sit while cooking. Reserve an area of ​​at least 60 cm for food preparation. Ideally, on one side the cooking zone and on the other the washing zone. If you're short on space, think about extractable cutting boards. Practical, the credences allow to have a maximum of elements at hand.