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Makeover of a girl's studio


The owner wanted to give a more feminine style to his studio that brings together two good rooms. Interior designer Sophie Ferjani took up the challenge! Everything is thought comfort and practice ...

1. I want a real "girl's" apartment

Two good rooms united under the roofs of Paris, a bathroom arranged in a corner, a sink and two plates in the entrance and ... more inspiration.
It was at this point that I was contacted to create a real apartment "girl" and give charm to this volume a little outdated.

2. An open apartment

Although the apartments were joined together, there was a wall with a large beam and the new bathroom that cut the volume in 2. I installed on both sides the workspaces (kitchen and office) and relaxation areas (bed and dressing). Everything is open but everything is in its place.

3. Beige, rose and chocolate

To stay in soft and elegant hues, I married beiges, roses and chocolates. The beige kitchen with simple lines is based on the left wall; his work plan in Corian makes a 90 ° turn to offer a bar area then becomes an office to work. A chocolate hue on the wall defines the entrance.

4. Boudoir atmosphere

The dressing area has been tripled and I designed custom furniture made in painted medium, to integrate the TV screen and library side bed. Rather than open her bed every night (too restrictive to the taste of my client), I installed the bed 2 places against the wall, in length, and added a large padded headboard (Maisons du Monde or La Redoute). With a silky plaid fake copper fur and cushions it feels like a sofa Marie Antoinette way.

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