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Archi simple: transform a studio into 2 rooms

Housed in a Parisian building of the 1970s, this large studio of 36 m2 is poorly organized: the entrance is too big, the bathroom immense, storage areas impractical. Before renting it, the owners asked to renovate it completely in order to bring it up to date but especially to optimize its organization. Explanations on plans with Nicolas Sallavuard, architect DPLG, in Archi simple.

In a 1970s building, this studio of 36 m2 was badly arranged. 36 m2 is enough to create two rooms and rearrange the living space. Video demonstration with Nicolas Sallavuard, architect.

Find Archi simple video on the chain Dailymotion of Côté Maison.

Our solution is to reorganize the rooms to accommodate a real small room and transform it into "two rooms". The challenge is to recover the surface in front of the two small windows to install the room and allow it to benefit from natural lighting.

To achieve this, we reduce the bathroom to a bare minimum and the lodge in the entrance of the apartment. It will no longer be equipped with a bath, but with a beautiful walk-in shower of 70x120 cm. The toilets are replaced but they stay exactly where they are. Choosing not to move the toilet allows us to avoid changing the connections to the wastewater column and all the complications of slopes, elbows and risks of obstructions that go with it.

In the living room, we install the kitchen. It will be open to the room, but separated by a wide worktop (at least 80 cm) that can be used both for the preparation of dishes and as a dining area for 3 people.

This project can be completed in about 12 weeks for an amount of about 45,000 euros HT. Room: 7.50 m2 (wardrobe 2.4 ml) - Shower room with WC: 3.60 m2 (shower 70 x 120 cm) - Living room: 20 m2 (with open kitchen 5.75 m2).

See the video.

Nicolas Sallavuard, architect at theagency Studio d'archi, author of Archi Studio Blog.

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