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Dream Houses

Scenario for a loft


In this loft, the common areas have been favored to the detriment of the rooms, the forms of boat cabins. A bright and contemporary space, full of character ...

The renovation

Before: a poorly designed loft with rooms without openings.
Now: a coherent dwelling where to house a large family. Particularly bright, the place benefits from two largely glazed facades giving on street. The creation of mezzanines and the annexation of the basement have considerably increased the floor area and, at the same time, the number of rooms.
Surface: 165 m2 (more than 200 m2 on the ground).
Shipyard: 3 months.

Catherine and Olivier Marchal live in a beautiful bright space in which the common areas have been favored at the expense of rooms, forms of booths. The interior designer, Ambre Sansonetti, helped them to create a fluid circulation in this compact place and to create independent rooms in sufficient numbers.

Respectively actress and director for the cinema, Catherine and Olivier Marchal like to receive. They have four children and a swarm of friends. By investing this loft, they wanted above all to benefit from a fluid plan so that life in family and in society is as simple as possible. Objective: that the house adapts to all circumstances: dinner with friends, meet in the living room, take refuge in the patio or even end the evening on the "dance floor"!

Chief decorator for the cinema, Ambre Sansonetti is also an interior designer. She managed the premises with pragmatism. Nothing has escaped him, neither the ventilation of the mezzanines and the bathroom of the children thanks to glass panels opening on the common parts, nor the acoustic insulation of the rooms with a system of double partitions. Today, the spaces are wide open on each other, the partitions know how to be forgotten, and the natural light has made its big entrance. The space has been completely redistributed (the dining room has replaced the kitchen, which has replaced the bathroom itself), the basement has been built and the stairway leading to it has been moved. Even the original entrance door, considered impractical, was abandoned in favor of a real hall ... on the other side of the building! And then, especially, the bias of this metal structure painted black and present in each room gave a real personality to places.

Interior designer:
Sansonetti amber,
such. : 06 13 16 63 49.
Website: //ambredecordefilm.com