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Dream Houses

Phew, a loft comfort version!


Too often, loft rhymes with vast space a little cold, a little empty. At Corine and Franck, it's the opposite. Their loft is warm, alive, colorful. Visit it in the photo slideshow ...

This beautiful building of brick and iron, a former cardboard from the early twentieth century, has already been transformed into several lofts, when Corine and Franck set their sights on part of the top two floors. They are seduced by generous volumes, high ceilings and brightness. They also appreciate the lack of hallway and the architectural details of industrial type. It remains to develop to their taste. For this, they call on two architects: Mirabelle Croizier and Gwenola de Quelen. These have kept the spirit of the place, while creating lightweight structural elements, such as a staircase without a body or apparent silt. The couple, keen on 1950s design, was able to express themselves by choosing colors that make this loft modern and cheerful.

The price of the works: 64 500 euros HT

Masonry: 2000 €
Plumbing, heating: 3500 €
Locksmithing (canopy, staircase, chassis: 20000 €
Exterior carpentry: 2500 €
Inside carpentry: 12000 €
Electricity: 6500 €
Paintings: 6000 €
Outdoor furniture (waterproofing, terrace): 12000 €
Total: 64 500 € HT (The construction lasted 3 months.)
Architects: Mirabelle Croizier and Gwenola from Quelen. Such. : 0142578439.
E-mail: [email protected]