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Bring together two apartments: our advice

Alain Doutreligne

What to do when you have two apartments and want to bring them together? Here are the tips of a legal expert for the steps concerning the condominium of the building ...

Breaking down a wall to join two adjoining apartments or piercing a ceiling to create a duplex imposes touching the common parts of the building (beams). For this type of operation, the general meeting of co-owners must give its authorization by an absolute majority (Article 25 of the law of 10 July 1965 regulating condominiums). So that the assembly can make an informed decision, it must submit the project: before the trustee sends the convocations, he must receive a file detailing the changes envisaged to be able to put the question to order of the day.

Two scenarios

1. Annex a corridor or a stairwell
Sometimes using a common part as a link between two houses seems the simplest solution. Its acquisition then requires to collect the double majority according to article 26 of the law (majority of all the co-owners representing at least two thirds of the votes).

2. Acquire and transform the attic
The creation of roof windows is often necessary to make attic habitable. But this modification of the external appearance of the building requires to obtain the agreement of the co-ownership by an absolute majority (article 25) and to make a declaration of work in town hall, even a request for a building permit.