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I created an original cuisine

All appliances are integrated into a wall.

Alexis Toureau

Born from the imagination of a gastronome and an architect, this fully equipped kitchen has everything a pro. With, as a bonus, a beautiful originality. Reportage.

In Bernard Loubat, gastro-nomic critic, cooking is a men's business. First of all, because at home, it is he who cooks for his wife and his friends; that of his sons afterwards, to whom he transmitted his taste for the furnaces and his know-how; and finally that of his architect and friend Maurice Padovani. It was to him that he asked to design "a kitchen of friends as a kitchen of pro".

"I wanted an open room, friendly and practical, where I can cook while enjoying my guests," says the one who was responsible for the great south for Gault Millau for nine years, and who hosts a gastronomic show on France Bleu Provence . "My imperatives were stainless steel, for hygiene and robustness, a central island, to work and serve, a large storage with, in reserve, all the space needed to integrate appliances, and a library for my cookbooks. "

As many pans as diners

With these guidelines, the architect imagines an L-shaped kitchen with, in the center, an island covered with stainless steel, which becomes the main decorative element and the nerve center of the room. On the side where the householder operates, the furniture is straight to cook at home. On the other, it is divided into as many faces as possible guests, six in total. The tone is given, the kitchen will be original and design.

To dress the many cupboards, the base of the island, the service and the library, Maurice Padovani chooses the same material: MDF tinted in the mass, which vibrates with the light, does not deform and maintains itself easily. The chromatic range of the kitchen, a shades of gray and black, is summarized in the mosaic used in credence, another originality of the architect. The equipment, meanwhile, is the business of Bernard Loubat. Appliances, pro or semi-pro, built-in, stainless steel finish, combines elegance and performance. The smallest details are neat, dishes and accessories included. For the food critic, good and good go hand in hand. With a bonus, when he moved to the stove, show for his friends.

Architect : Maurice Podovani, architect DPLG, 27 bd Moncada, 13015 Marseille. Tel: 06 11 50 50 59.