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6 Internet kitchens, 6 different styles

Private visit

Internet users do not miss ideas to arrange their kitchen! Discover their photos and draw inspiration for your own cuisine ...

Private Tour you discover different atmospheres for the kitchen. Between tradition and modernity, find our selection of six Internet kitchens and what you bring new ideas for your kitchen.

1. What if the old-fashioned kitchen was the trendiest?

This kitchen combines charm and authenticity with its stone sink framed by two paneled shelves. The use of slate and the alliance of colors offer a serene atmosphere to the room.

More photo of this old wine barn

2. A large kitchen that combines wood and color

The raspberry walls awaken this kitchen open to the garden. It mixes wood and stainless steel with rustic touches thanks to exposed beams and wall decoration.

More photo of this gourmet cuisine

3. Elegant and practical, the kitchen with central island

This modern kitchen is equipped with plenty of storage space thanks to its central island. The glass opens the kitchen to another room giving a loft spirit to the house.

More photo of this kitchen

4. The spirit flea and recycle invites itself to the kitchen

The bar stools made with milk pots give a retro spirit to this kitchen. It is distinguished from the rest of the room thanks to its black tiles cutting with wood.

More photo of this unusual kitchen

5. A large bay window for a kitchen to live

The bay windows enlarge the room and give it brightness. The kitchen opens onto a dining area making the room friendly.

More photo of this open kitchen

6. Friendly, the kitchen open to the dining room

A few touches of color enliven the kitchen. Stainless steel and lacquered coating provide brightness and brightness to the room. The dining room extends the kitchen and gives an effect of depth to the room.

More photo of this townhouse