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Fit a kitchen in length


Forget the constraints of cooking in length. Cuisines & Bains invites you to highlight its aesthetic and functional advantages. Tips from pros

I install my kitchen as a gallery

Ordered against a wall, in a long and narrow space, the kitchen online is most often a choice dictated by the cramped housing. Discreet by nature, cooking in length leaves little room for fantasy. Its implementation, certainly functional, promotes ergonomics without being frankly friendly.

The layout of a kitchen in length is simple: only one wall supports the elements that will be organized according to the different operations of preparation of the meals. The cooking space is often at the center of this layout. A 2.60 m long wall is sufficient for the basic equipment: cooking, cooling and washing. But for a real feature, also count with one or two storage, plus a worktop of suitable size between cooking and washing, a good meter and more.

To break the impression of monotony generated by the linear, alternate cupboards, niches and shelves, for example; create off the hooks with different sizes of tall furniture; or vary materials and colors.

If the room is large enough (at least 2.5 m) to fit the two faces of wall face to face, two organizational schemes are then feasible. The first opposes the sink and preparation areas to the cooking and preparation areas or cupboards. The second is to combine the three functions of preparation, washing and cooking on one side and the storage and storage areas on the other. In both cases, it is desirable to clear 1 to 1.50 m to move between the two furniture arrangements. Narrow doors of 30 or 40 cm, less bulky in open or sliding position, are then preferred.