For family cooking, distribute the space with a trick


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There are always people in a family kitchen! Whether closed or open, with or without island, here are 6 ideas for your home cooking ...

To successfully implement your kitchen, study the different areas of activity: washing, cooking ... If necessary, visit the sites of manufacturers who detail them very well, including dynamicspace (directed by Blum).

Teenagers at home? Limit congestion by positioning the refrigerator near the entrance. Save yourself! Avoid cupboards beyond 160 cm high, place the dishwasher and the oven at mid-height, and plan low furniture without doors, but with drawers. A place for everything! By arranging the interior cupboards and drawers (bins, separators ...), children will be forced to order. In addition, you will gain storage space.

On the central island, install the sink and the hob: so you will not turn your back on the living room and it will be the focal point of the kitchen.Do not neglect the question of maintenance: station wooden worktop, stainless steel surfaces and attention to glossy facades that do not support fingerprints ...

The advice of the pro

"Overflowing on the living room, the family kitchen is" furnished "and includes a dining area.It should allow to cook quickly and well.Prevent a work plan of at least 60-70 cm and a plan of removal of at least 50 cm, choose a 3-burner plate, one of which is 28 cm in diameter or, better, 32 cm. " Cédric Combe

1. A convivial kitchen

Simple, this open kitchen, in white, wood and raspberry, plays contrasts. Thanks to the shelves that replace the high furniture, it is discreet. "Caprice", Cuisines Teisseire.

2. A linear kitchen

Widely open but without island, this kitchen does not bite on the living room, where is installed the family table. The countertop and the flooring create the border between the spaces. "Bark", Lapeyre.

3. A kitchen with a double wall game

Both sober and well arranged, this kitchen is separated from the dining room by a "closet partition" that promotes communication between the two spaces. Backed by the island, a console table allows you to take meals on the run. "Nova", Hygena.

4. The kitchen is living room

Like a table, the worktop slides to make it bigger or to free access to the storage of the island, which is installed to connect kitchen and living room. A kitchen that, without imposing itself, remains connected to the living room. "Confluence & Trend", Cuisinella.

5. A practical kitchen

When the kitchen is a separate room, independent, the family table takes its rights. This is the case in this simple and functional kitchen. "Aero" (shell color), Fly.

6. A tidy kitchen

Forget closets difficult to access! Opt for sliding drawers that, more ergonomic, optimize storage volumes. "Sealise" (beige), Teissa.

A selection of household appliances special family kitchen

33 dB at minimum speed and 51 at full speed (flow 800 m3 / h): this hood 90 cm wide, equipped with the system NRS (Noise Reduction System), will not prevent you to discuss family, since the sound generated by a normal conversation covers his sound. Other models just as quiet at the same manufacturer. "Lumina NRS", € 1,645, Falmec.

With 4 fireplaces and 2 modular zones of 38 x 20 cm, which are separable into 4 fireplaces, this induction hob offers a great freedom of use. Total power 7.2 kW. 15 levels of power + booster. 4 timers. "CTN 364N006", 799 euros, Samsung.

Ideal for fast cooking, this oven does not heat up thanks to an exclusive heat distribution system and, with a new non-stick coating, it cleans itself in 35 minutes while saving 97% electricity compared to a model pyrolysis. "6th Sense Starclean", 850 euros, Whirlpool.

In 100 cm wide, this stove classified A includes 3 ovens (including one of 81 liters) and 5 gas burners (including a triple crown of 3.5 kW) and a removable grill plancha. "Latté", 2,999 euros, Falcon.

Classified A +, this handset (245 + 76 liters) is equipped with a smart air blower that maintains a homogeneous and constant temperature: thus, food can be kept longer. Function "holidays". Available in red, yellow, white and metal. "Combined ENA 34980", 799 euros, Electrolux.

The new gas burners on this table, which allow the flame to exit vertically, reduce the boiling time by 20% compared to a conventional or triple crown burner, while consuming less gas. Stainless steel plate "FTGH-10 PN60 IX" (60 x 51 cm), 549 euros, Scholtès.

Sold with its faucets, this sink has a deep bowl (21 cm), a drainer and 2 removable trays in stainless steel and mirror glass which, sliding, serve as chopping boards while closing the sink (897 x 510 mm). "Li91SGD sink set + MD3 faucet", 659 euros, Smeg.