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Furnishing: a kitchen for large family

Jean-Marc Péchart

Noble materials that have the taste of the authentic, and some spicy tips: a kitchen to enjoy with friends!

For this model "Wood Steel" (Xavie'z) designed as a place of exchange, the central island is expanding at leisure, without breaking lines, thanks to a table of the same bill. The love of truth is reflected in the development of this kitchen where life is good. Everything begins with the choice of natural materials: solid oak, PEFC certified, sandblasted and water-stained for furniture; the natural stone of Anroche oiled (non-porous limestone and gray highlights), to raise the hob; tin for the washing plan; aged and waxed iron for frames and footrests. Nice work at the rendezvous. It must be said that the "chef" is none other than the Belgian cabinetmaker Xavier Pottiez, the creator of Xavie'z, who concocts recipes custom kitchens blooming good crafts. A tasty mix between raw materials and modernity.

For the recipe to take, the kitchen must be that of everyday life: practical and functional. Facing the central island dedicated to cooking and meals, furniture in columns along the wall, within reach. Dressed in solid oak panels, they are equipped with sliding storage (with or without dividers). To give better access to content in height, the middle cabinet has an asymmetrical double lift door with low-voltage lighting. Appliances (dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave oven) and implanted in these columns is discreet. Steam and heated drawer are also accessible.

Concealed (microwave), built-in (dishwasher) or built-in (steam oven, warming drawer), the household appliances (all Miele) blend into the decor. At the height of sophistication, the door handles (model "Loft") are in full grain leather sewn ("Vintage" colors).

Adjoining the storage space is the washing area. It consists of a large plane pewter 2 cm thick. Once very common, this material comes back in strength, seductive by its aesthetics, its easy maintenance and the patina it takes over the years, without deteriorating. Placed on the plan, the sink consists of a simple tank dug in the stone Anroche, thus recalling the credence. This large sloping tank has a clever electric dump system.
Here, the sink (model "Pill") receives the fitting "Maro" matt platinum (Dornbracht) on its back shelf. From g. to dr. : electric emptying control, pendular shower, mixing valve and dishwashing liquid dispenser.

Under the washing plan are fixed three low furniture, taken between two feet of aged iron. From sliding drawers with appropriate housings to integrated bins, everything is designed for ergonomics and comfort.

The sliding drawer with a reduced height (pictured on the left) is housed in a saucepan on the hob with leather-wrapped handles. Most drawers are equipped with dividing compartments in oak or stainless steel.

The baking plan of the central island accommodates two low saucepans with drawers for utensils. It offers a place of choice to a mixed piano, with gas fires and electric oven (Wolf).

A sink, shallow, dug into the stone of the plan (model "Beach"), is intended for washing vegetables. "Elio" mixer platinum matt (Dornbacht).

Xavie'Z, 10, passage of the building site, 75012 Paris.
Such. : 01 44 74 00 38.