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How to limit the energy consumption of a kitchen?

Electrolux induction table atmosphere


The different appliances in a kitchen can consume a lot of energy if you do not pay attention. Which are the most greedy posts and which require a particular vigilance? Lapeyre gives you some tips to limit the energy consumption of your kitchen.

Fridge, oven, dishwasher ... appliances to choose from

Choosing the right equipment is essential to limit energy costs. For this, it is necessary to know the classification of the appliances according to their energy consumption: the letter A (of green color) corresponds to the most economical apparatuses, while the letter G (of red color) classifies the least efficient appliances . Also be aware that a Class A device consumes on average 50% less energy than a Class C device.

Prefer induction hobs!

The hobs are also often responsible for excessive energy consumption. Choose induction hobs, which consume 40% less energy than conventional electric hobs. If their price is higher with the purchase, it is amortized thanks to the difference of consumption of energy.

Limit pyrolysis

The pyrolysis function of an oven is very energy-consuming ... Limit its use to only once a year, and clean the oven manually the rest of the time.