Mix of reasons: good associations


Mix of reasons: good associations

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Owl, the reasons are in the house! And with some basic principles, you can dare to mix them in the same room, without grazing the bad taste or the "too much". In pictures, discover how to make good associations with your patterns without fearing the worst.

Mix several patterns in the same room it's cheerful, but not always easy to harmonize. As a deco game, practice mixing them, on a sofa, a table or walls with some tips and tricks to take urgently to connect your patterns in harmony. Instructions for use in pictures!

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1. A mix of chic fashion patterns on the living room sofa

Trendy fashion lens with this plaid and cushions that revisit 4 different prints in the same exotic chic jungle spirit. The deco thing that makes everything : the dark tones of the rest of the decor, the black armchair and the black and white photo that unify the decor and highlight the bright colors of the accessories. As if, in fashion, a little black dress was twisted by pretty printed shoes!

Printed blanket and cushions, price on request, Jag Zoepritz.

Jag Zoepritz

2. Ethnic motifs mix in the corner seat

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Three carpets with ethnic motifs decorate the room. Two hang on the wall like paintings. The third is on the ground, while the bench is covered with different printed mattresses. All this creates a happy bazaar at once bohemian and warm. The deco thing that makes everything : harmony reigns with the same style of ethnic and geometric patterns that connects all these prints and hues of warm colors, yellows, reds and oranges.

On the wall Nimudi style Berber carpet, 149.99 euros, Anouran kilim carpet, 159.99 euros, floor, Tamazer carpet, 199, 99 euros, Giada sofa bed, 349 euros, Giada mattresses and cushions, 279 euros, exist in 4 colors, La Redoute Interior.

The Interior Redoubt

3. A mix of graphic patterns on the walls of the room

Graphic and contemporary, the mix of patterns in this room is bold. He associates stripes with flowers on the walls. The deco thing that makes everything : the black and white harmony of the two motifs creates a unity. This is the third color, the red in small touches, which creates the link and wakes up this mix and match.

Wallpapers, black and white stripes collection B and W in non-woven, and flowers from 35 euros roll of 10m x 0.53 cm, Caselio.


4. Bohemian inspiration in the living room

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Here the print mix has no limits. Flower carpets mingle with striped wallpaper and cushions with leaves and flowers on the floor, like on the sofa. The deco thing that makes everything : the harmony of reds and pinks makes the mix warm and cozy, and the keys of light colors (white and ecru) illuminate the whole. The connection between these motifs is made with the brown wooden furniture and the leather bench.

Carpet Rug Berry, Artisan wallpaper fall striped and patterned, 32 euros roll, Esprit Home at Therugseller.


5. A mix of urban chic patterns in the room

Original, this bed is dressed in eclectic patterns. The deco thing that makes everything : mix the same type of patterns, peas, but varying the thicknesses, sizes and colors, small, big, black or yellow. History to harmonize all these peas, a third color, the green of the plants, smoothly plays the hyphen.

Lenni spot cotton duvet cover, 85 euros, at Home Republic.

Home republic

6. A mix of Zen motifs in the living room

Mixing patterns is not necessarily synonymous with making head. You can also mix patterns smoothly by combining cushions with black and white graphics and blue washed patterns of curtains and cushions. The deco thing that makes everything : Zen graphic patterns softened by blue and green shades. Everything is unified by the light tones of the room, the gray waxed concrete on the floor, the whitewashed walls and the unbleached sofa.

Veiling photo printing 14.99 euros, and cushions, 4,99 euros the cushion cover with graphic pattern, 14,99 euros the fur cushion cover and velvet green, 9,99 euros the blue cover, H & M Home.

H & M

7. A mix of bright patterns on the walls of the dining room

To animate the dining room, one of the walls is upholstered not with a wallpaper, but with 3 panels declined in three different patterns. The deco thing that makes everything : the choice of 3 patterns that agree, either by the color (yellow and white) as the first two, or by the type of graphics of the last two. The surrounding white unifies these 3 patterns while giving the impression that they are one.

Bahia wallpapers (with suns), 159 euros the roll, Bribie (with retro volutes), 127 euros the roll, La Farge (inspired by stained glass) 108 euros the roll, Thibaut at Au Fil des Couleurs.


8. A mix of exotic patterns in the room

Welcome to this exotic room where printed Ikats travelers come from walls to curtains. The deco thing that makes everything : no less than 4 different prints match in exactly the same colors. To avoid overdose, alternate clear patterns with darker prints to create a rhythm.

Wallpapers, curtain fabrics, Wabi Sabi collection, Uzuri fabrics (curtains) Takumi (store), shibori wallpaper (Ikat motif) and Suvi, 51 euros per roll, Scion.


9. In the living room, vintage patterns mix with style!

Lovers of bright colors and vintage kitsch, the graphic motifs of the plaids of the sofa mix and match with the curtain Frida Kalho and African paintings freely. The deco thing that makes everything : soothe this fantasy of patterns with a flat solid color, preferably in a strong color, here a bright turquoise, which gathers all the prints.

Frida Kahlo curtain, 89 95 euros, scoubidou wine suspension 52 euros, Aztec cover, 69.95 euros, Kitsch Kitschen.

Kitsch Kitchen

10. A mix of geometric patterns on the bed

Fantasy option pop in the sleeping area! With a lot of fun, dare to mismatch and overlay your graphic duvet covers with psychedelic covers and mix printed pillowcases! The deco thing that makes everything : avoid overbidding and too much by inserting white patterned laundry to calm the game.

Happy black duvet cover, 64,99 euros, Franck psyche duvet cover 44,99 euros, and Markus (peas) coveralls, 7,19 euros, Piastrella (black and white checkers), 7,99 euros, Geometrical, 8, 39 euros, 3 Swiss.

3 Swiss

11. A mix of baroque motifs in the living room

Audacious, here is a mix of patterns that is not cold. Here, wild prints that have nothing to do with each other come together for a bold and baroque result at a time. The deco thing that makes everything : the gray woods, chic and sober that unify the decor and prevent the bad taste that is close. And finally, icing on the cake, the red touch of the pouf serves as a link between the leopard print of the row and the stripes of carpet slats of skin.

Nueva Raya skin slatted carpet, 910 euros,


12. A mix of African motifs to fill the mood

In Africa, decline your wax fabrics in the living room. Dress up the colorful cushion chairs, hang tote bags on the wall and cover your flower pots with geometric covers by mixing the patterns and colors of your fabrics. The deco thing that makes everything : mix at will wax prints but keep a "red thread" with a dominant tone, here the blue, which creates a decorative link.

Fabrics, from 6.90 euros the m., Square cushions wax sade, 10.99 euros, and tuto cover of pots to download, Mondial Fabrics.

Global Fabrics