The new deco trends of the autumn


The new deco trends of the autumn

3 Swiss

Panorama of the latest decorative trends that we will want this fall! New colors, new furniture or new materials, we are inspired by the best decorating ideas of the brands to give a boost to his house or his apartment for the fall 2015.

In pictures, zoom on the latest decor trends of the autumn 2015 to modernize the decor of the living room or the room. To do this, we adopt new colors, we invest in a new bedding or an armchair, and we do not hesitate to mix materials and genres.

1. The bricks become black for September 2015

Trend of the return, painting on bricks. Here, the option of black unifies the wall and brings its chic. Illuminate touches of gold as in this picture with an aged gold mirror and a small brass lamp that accessorize this office.

Panther black color paint Cream of black color, Dulux Valentine.

Dulux Valentine

2. Decorative trend 2015: accumulate jars in the kitchen

We start at the new trend of the new season and we pack everything in jars in the kitchen. We do not limit ourselves and we choose high or low jars, big or small, transparent or tinted. Filled with seeds, liquids or fruits at will, all these accumulated jars give a deco style to the very attractive kitchen.

Jars old Korken, from 1.50 euros up to 3.50 euros. Sinnerlig jars with cork lid from 14.90 euros. Jars green tinted Hemsmak from 1.99 euros, Ikea.


3. Blue, the trendy color of the school year mixes on walls and furniture

To switch to the autumn time and stay in the blues, we do not hesitate to mix the shades of blue in the same room. On one of the walls, a wallpaper plays the soft Scandinavian blue. On the other wall, an ice blue paint gives depth, and the whole is underlined by the dark blue of the armchair. Finally, to unify these blues, a clear floor is ideal.

Hampstead James Blue wallpaper of 50s Line Papers, 93 euros per roll on and Gentle Sky or James paint, in matte emulsion, 39 euros the L, Little Greene.

Little Greene

4. We say hello again to the decorating style "Memphis"

The Memphis style in the 80s was the arrival of a good-natured furniture launched by the Italian designer Ettore Sottsass. Colorful geometric patterns were blended on totem-shaped objects with touches of black pointillism. This style is back on the front of the decor scene. And we take it by crunching particular colorful sheets pops patterns very happy.

Duvet cover printed cotton Vermicelli, 34.90 euros the 220 x 240 cm, pillowcase from 7.99 euros, 3 Swiss.

3 Swiss

5. Velvet back in the decor for the autumn 2015

Long live the velvet which makes its comeback in force at the beginning, inspiration seventies oblige. Warm and affordable material, velvet also has the advantage of being declined in multiple colors. Here, fireside chairs of different colors have been assembled in patchwork to form a generous sofa in the colors of winter.

James sofa velvet milleraie to compose with 91x91x74 corner fireside chair, 86x91x74 single fireside chair, 26x73x53 arm and square pouf 86x86x41cm. Available in 8 colors of velvet. From 325 euros the driver, Zuiver on


6. New trend: the barnyard invests the decor

It is a tendency to re-enter the barnyard pattern. A giant version of the houndstooth, the barnyard comes here on a beautiful graphic carpet that gives style to any living room.

Hand tufted woolen carpet "pied-de-coq" pattern deep black, 300 x 200cm, 950 euros, Ligne Roset.

Ligne Roset

7. Furniture to assemble yourself: we say yes to this decorative trend!

No more nails, screws and the cheap bricolo trend. With the new interlocking furniture, you put your own furniture and the result is as chic as design. The opportunity to crack without hesitation on this nestable desk to assemble yourself. In birch plywood, its black melamine finish makes it elegant. Composed of 8 boards, they become an office, simply assembled together without nail or glue.

Slide art evolution desk, 329,50 euros, La Redoute Interiors.

The Redout Interiors

8. Decorative trend: we mix tiles and parquet on the kitchen floor

Any last strong trend in kitchens, the mixed floor is the must for the return. In his kitchen, we do not hesitate to mix tiles and parquet in a more or less random pattern. Like here, where slats of parquet coexist with white tiles.

Harmony parquet flooring made of bleached oak, 39.90 euros per m2. Floor tile tomato shape in white sandstone Kanya 25.8 x 29 cm, 34.90 euros per m2. Fog kitchen white, from 599 euros, Castorama.


9. Owl, we mix the matt and shiny on the couch for a fall back decor that slams!

In the living room, I no longer wait for Christmas to mix shiny glitter cushions with matte and graphic cushions. A contemporary way of giving style to a classic and dark sofa.

Glitter cushion cover, 14.99 euros, black and white scroll cushion cover, 7.99 euros, black and white with faces, 9.99 euros and copper metal sconce 9,90 euros, H & M Home.

H & M Home

10. Another trendy color for back to school? Smoked green, certainly!

The color that seduces us at the beginning of the season: the smoked green, a chic green which reminds the green of the leaves and which subtly raises the gray, the whites and the browns of the winter. So, it is declined on a series of green vases. The deco trick: we put them on the chimney together playing on different heights and we garnish them with green foliage.

Laust vases in green and bronze ceramic diam. 11 x 15cm to 9,5cm x 21cm, price on request, Broste Copenhagen.

Broste Copenhagen

11. The radiators play it carving in the rooms of the house

Beautiful as a sculpture, the radiator is no longer hidden. In this kitchen, it takes curves like a stretched spring and occupies beautifully the space while warming it. Fun and openwork silhouette, it wraps around itself while leaving the wall visible.

Designer Spiral radiator Paul Priestman. Available in 4 heights from 66 to 186cm with a diameter of 20cm. Price on request, Runtal.


12. Rentrée déco: install a vintage record player to twister the living room decor

Special vintage revival trend, we offer a turntable vinyl record player. A utility object to listen to his old records 33 rpm and can also be used as a side table to put a book, once the leather briefcase closed.

Sterling Dancing Disk Player with Detachable Feet, 35 x 66 x 44cm, 300 Euro, Urban Outfitters.

Urban Outfitters

And also ... The chic of the autumn: adopt a chair with golden feet

How not to succumb to this new decorative trend? Both chic and ultra-deco, the legs of armchairs and sofas are colored in gold for a touch of luxury and bling without doing too much.

Fredo armchair in heather fabric and golden steel structure. 83 x 77 x 83.5 cm, 449 euros, La Redoute Interiors.

The Redoute Interieurs