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An apartment as a work of art



A silhouette of a pin-up sexy or a plane-sculpture that starts a takeoff in a corridor: art is at the heart of this Paris apartment that is the cover of the magazine Côté Paris. For the visit, follow the slideshow photos ...

Mixing art and lifestyle, this is the challenge of a collector launched at the Atelier FB interior design studio. Nearby, the Monceau Park with its colonnaded rotunda offers a nice alternative with ... life on garden. An exceptional situation that has completely seduced the family. This bubble of air, in full Paris, found a natural echo in the project of rehabilitation of this apartment labeled "Haussmann". A sublime renovation that made the cover of the Paris side of October-November 2009

The idea: to convert this predominantly classical place with stucco, columns and cornices into an open space. Gaining friendliness, combining intimate space and works of art ... was also part of the program entrusted to the agency. An almost white card to revisit volumes with only one requirement: to reserve spaces for the installation and hanging of works of art. The entrance which houses sculpture and paintings immediately sets the tone. The transformation of the premises has also doubled the stay. Open on the kitchen, dining room and living room now share a unique piece.

The rehabilitation of this apartment has been designed by Atelier FB, interior designers.
Such. 01 40 06 96 60. www.atelier-fb.com

A completely reworked space

On the courtyard side, the old kitchen has turned into a master bedroom. The windows, the doors, the stained glass windows at the entrance of the entrance, the apparent stones of the guest room are now the only landmarks of ancient history. To tame modernity and create links between the different chronologies, the architects have replaced the original parquet flooring with bamboo parquet, also in point of Hungary. This general redistribution includes new proposals for delineating spaces. In the master bedroom, a concrete platform and a low cabinet surmounted by a teak trellis encase the intimate space, while a coffered library responds to an uninhabited canvas. The children's room plays on perfect symmetry. The writing of space quickly becomes obvious. An often invisible comfort gives pride to home automation. It allows for custom lighting intensities, such as illuminated cornices. Innovation again, the white pebble concrete fireplace is equipped with gas. The coherence of space and equipment facilitates the integration between art and architecture. Through the selected works, the walls take on mood and humor. Lying, hung, suspended, they open other perspectives and create an imaginary space in this place of life.

The audacity of art

A great collector, the owner entrusted artistic reflection to a specialist, Katia Raymondaud (ArtPashion). This "digger" of contemporary art is also a visionary in the art of the beautiful association. She accompanies lovers of art, from choice to hanging through the simple advice. An approach that makes creation less intimidating. Without disrespectful telescoping, this partition finely revisited, offers a nice buttocks classic codes, propelling this apartment into a new dimension. That of art to live ...

The addresses of L'Atelier FB, interior designers

For equipment and audio-video installation and home automation.
Indoor Technology (Music & Technique).
Such. 01 43 87 49 30 and technologiesdinterieur.com

For the concrete chimney.
Lefebvre fireplaces.
Such. 01 43 30 39 33.

For the parquet.
Such. 01 47 85 73 97.

For electricity, heating, ventilation.
Such. 01 40 30 01 41.

For advice on art acquisition.
ArtPashion. Katia Raymondaud.