5 reasons to bring color to your home


Vintage wallpaper

Dulux Valentine

Want to refresh your decor? Here are 5 good reasons to rhythm your interior with colors harmoniously harmonized, without breaking the bank.

1. Dare the bright hues

Colors have an influence on our perception and visually transform space: they have the power to enlarge or shrink a room. If painting is a quick solution to refresh an interior, it is sometimes difficult to handle and scares more than one ... who takes refuge in the palette of whites. It is true that strong colors often tend to cause mass effects. So, if you are afraid to go wrong, apply them sparingly and by keys.

How? On the architectural details of your home (moldings, skirting ...): the painting will highlight them while brightening the room or hide unsightly elements like a mantelpiece too rustic, a damaged floor, etc. Choose this year's trendy shades like blues, greens, saturated yellows or orange to wake up and energize your decor. Or, why not, more intense tones like blue grays and purples that will bring a lot of chic and charm (Little Greene, 1825 Theodore Collection, Tollens). As for the tiles that you can not stand, rather than start heavy work, repaint them. Today there are technical paintings (Julien, Résinence) with richer color ranges than before.

Information: "Retrospectives", 33 euros per liter, Little Greene.

2. Organize the space

With color, you can delimit the space. In a large living room, she will separate the kitchen area from the living room, painting the ceiling or even the floor (Julien, V33). In the same spirit, she will personalize a room: in a long corridor for example, we will paint each door in a different tone (be careful to maintain the same harmony). We can also create bands or nets that run through walls, doors ... Or opt for stripes on a wall part inspired by models (canvas mattress, fabric bayadère). And why not a large square of color as a headboard or a strip of 1 m at the bottom of a wall to compensate for low ceiling height?

Information: Colors Apricot milk and iced chestnut. "Cream of colors", 15.90 euros the pot of 0.5 l, Dulux Valentine.

Information: Passion red color, sand and mine pencil, glossy finish. "Prestige Premium", 19.90 euros the pot of 0.5 l, Tollens.

3. Put back old furniture in value

A small piece of furniture that has lived in a garage sale finds new youth when it is repainted. It is not difficult and it is rather pleasant. We choose bright colors: a red, a blue or an elegant plum ("Ready to create" of Syntilor, "The free spirit" of Tollens.). Once revamped, your antique furniture becomes a centerpiece.

Information: Colors Lemon struck (closet background), tyrian pink and disco green (peas), wall (Caribbean blue). "Cream of colors", 15.90 euros the pot of 0.5 l, Dulux Valentine.

4. Renew your decor to the rhythm of the seasons

In the spring, for example, we will suspend floral curtains (Bouchara, Ikea, Madura) and we will spread in the room accessories (vases, cups, carpets) in different tones of green, as well as a few plants to give a sense of openness on the outside and cool. On the contrary, in winter, we will choose warmer shades (orange, red) to warm the atmosphere.

Information: Monolayer acrylic paint, eden green satin finish, "Kitchen and Aqua-top bath", 39,90 € 2,5 l, V33.

5. Give a strong identity to your interior

To bring joy, we can draw inspiration from a theme. The 1950s, for example. It is not about "copy and paste" the decor of the time, but rather to take patterns, colors. The goal is to find the right combination of color codes for the chosen period and current trends. For example, install a few 1950s inspired wallpapers (Graham & Brown) on one of the walls of your living room and complete with a painting from Ressource's "1950's Colors" range (which also released a 1960s collection). 1970).

Information: Vintage "by Hemingway Design, model" Grid ", 34,50 € per roll (0,52 x 10 m), Graham & Brown.

6. Harmonize colors

"We must avoid combinations that are too complicated: we choose, in a palette of cold or warm colors, a favorite color that will be dominant and complementary, and if we want to associate a third color, we will opt for another complementary or, on the contrary, a more contrasting and daring shade ", advises Isabelle Rousseau, marketing director at Tollens. Try it before basting all your walls. Like the precursors like Farrow & Ball, most brands now offer samples.

Information: Cappuccino, petrol blue and white colors. Monolayer acrylic paint multi-supports, satin finish. "Colors", 37,90 € the 2,5 l, Castorama.