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A colorful family home


A colorful family home.

Arnaud Rinuccini

Of contemporary inspiration, the family home of Laurence and Gilles unfolds in all harmony, relatively sober side street, more colorful side garden.

The family lived in a triplex that became a little too cramped. To build was becoming a necessity. The challenge: build on the site of an old car crash a habitat recreating the atmosphere of the large family houses of yore. After 18 months of work, parents and children have moved into this new space. The living room opens onto the terrace of the first floor. It consists of four spaces: a kitchen open on the street side, lit by narrow windows with bellows. In times of heat wave, their opening creates a natural air flow, which makes you lose a few degrees and avoids the need for air conditioning. Then, facing the island of preparation, the dining area is landscaped garden. Finally, the living room is divided into two parts: a TV-side street and, near the stove, a refuge and conversation around the fireplace.

A family house with metal frame

The frame of the house, made of anthracite lacquered metal beams gives its loft aspect to the volume. An impression reinforced by the ceiling in steel tray and the central staircase in metal and wood that serves the three levels. The ceiling / floor collaborating, which is based on the inner metal frame, is composed of a steel tray structure associated with a concrete compression slab. This mixed device has the advantage of being lighter and also offers great resistance to bending. Indeed, the range of this type of floor ranges from 2 m to more than 10 m without the need for a support pole. Finally, it avoids the thermal bridges between the floor and the external walls.

A colorful facade on the garden side

On the first floor, large sliding windows with reinforced thermal insulation, protected by a railing, open onto a tiled terrace overlooking the garden. Above, aluminum solar shades can automatically regulate solar gain.

A more sober facade on the street side

Two types of cladding adorn the east-facing street façade: vertical wooden clapboard and fiber cement panels (Naturalis range of Eternit) of varying dimensions. A clever way to avoid the monotony and the mass effect of a wall section pierced with narrow openings.

High energy performance

The external structure of the house is 30 cm thick thermal stone concrete. This material, composed of natural materials (sand, lime ...) and millions of air bubbles, offers the solidity and the imputrescibility of the stone and the insulating capacity of the air, trapped in the alveoli. Inside, a steel frame gave a great freedom to the designer in the organization of spaces. The house is organized on three levels: the entrance overlooks the street, the living room is on the first floor where it enjoys full of sunshine and views of the nearby park, while the rooms are divided between the ground floor for parents, and the top floor, dedicated to children.

A lounge open on the garden

In the living room, recessed in the partition, a wood stove ("Stûv 30" Stûv) comes in addition to a condensing boiler that feeds a heated floor. During the cold season, the flue warms the child's room just above. This model works with a choice of glazed, open or closed hearth, and even grilling. Ligne Roset and Roche Bobois armchairs. French candles.

A gateway to the terrace

A metal footbridge connects the living room to the terrace. Imagined as a drawbridge, it is removable, which allows to close the access and secure the house when uninhabited.

A sun yellow bathroom

Acidulous atmosphere on the floor of the children, who share a large tiled bathroom. Two twin showers, lit by imposts in height, are separated from the room by a low wall. Front, a suspended element equipped with a double basin. A provision that leaves room under the furniture to slide footboard and other useful accessories.

A floor with acid colors just for children!

The top floor is reserved for children. They share a multi-colored bathroom with two showers. Their three duplex rooms are organized identically: downstairs, a play area and work, and at the top a bed.

Personalized rooms for children

Each child's room has its own color and custom furniture. The night area is accessed by a simple metal ladder. An office is installed under the window that opens onto the garden. Tomato and dog crochet Anne-Claire Petit. Mimi'lou bag.

Natural and controlled ventilation

A motorized sunshade system with adjustable blades (Griesser) allows to modify the brightness of the rooms and to limit solar gains during hot periods. To make cooling even more efficient and minimize energy costs, the roof is partially vegetated, and a Canadian brine well, coupled with mechanical ventilation, has been put in place.

A separate bedroom for parents

The parents suite consists of a bedroom, a large dressing room and a bathroom. It occupies the ground floor and enjoys a terrace on the garden. All windows and bay windows are aluminum profiles (Installux) with thermal break, equipped with double glazing with reinforced insulation. Sliding aluminum slats with adjustable slats ("Grinotex Sinus" by Griesser) - hidden in the lintel on the picture - have a double protective role. Counter the overheating in the day and preserve the privacy of the inhabitants of the house, in the evening. On the ground, large porcelain stoneware tiles with the appearance of polished concrete, as on the entire ground floor. The outdoor terrace is also tiled, more resistant to moisture than a wooden deck.

A bathroom design in red and black

In the parents' bathroom, the walk-in shower and bath are separated by a tiled wall. For natural light, imposts that overlook the street and, bedroom side, a large sliding bay. Bath linen Anne de Solène. Jo Malone beauty products.

The plan of the family home

Designed on three levels (here the 1st floor, intermediate level), this house has 200 m2 and a plot of 189 m2. The spaces are rigorously distributed. Parents on the ground floor, children at the top. Between the two, the living space where the family meets.
1. Terrace.
2. Living room wood stove side.
3. Living room TV side.
4. Kitchen.
5. Dining room.
6. Terrace in front of parents' room, lower level.

Architect: Enzyme Architecture, 64, rue de l'Aqueduc, 75010 Paris.Tel. : 06 63 60 85 53. E-mail: contact @ enzymearchitecture.com