20 guest rooms and hotels for a stopover in the West



South-West, Brittany, Normandy, Cottentin ... We have found for you charming hotels and bed and breakfast to spend a weekend or holidays ...

Cape Town Southwest

Château Les Merles, enchanted ritornello, in Mouleydier (24)Black, white, red, green. We know that Périgord comes in four colors. From the green to the table, from the pool to the suites, the Domaine des Merles reinterprets with personality the whole palette of this generous Dordogne terroir.

With whom ? with friends. Life on board: swimming pool, golf, reading rooms, bistro lounge and soon a spa and wellness area. Extras: open all year round, Les Merles offers lively evenings out of season.

Room or suite for 2 people from 120 euros to 205 euros, apartment for 4 people from 220 euros to 290 euros depending on the season, add about 40 euros for access to golf (9 holes). Chateau les Merles, Tuilieres, 24520 Mouleydier .Such. 05 53 63 13 42; website:

The Apple Tree House, dollhouse, in Cap-Ferret (33)Nestled between palm trees and pines, Nadia's cabin is a small nugget. A secret haunt to enjoy the perfumes of the Arcachon basin and satisfy the desires of Atlantic.

With whom ? A two, inevitably.The little extra: the kitchen is equipped to simmer breakfast freely, a basket of pastries is left in the morning, otherwise it is prepared and brought "in room" ... as at the hotel! The other plus: possibility to land on the terrace to enjoy a plate of oysters arcachon basin. The little more and more: bikes are available to travel the paths of the peninsula and pecking the good addresses selected by Nadia.

200 euros per night in low season, 250 euros in high season, breakfasts included.3, rue de la breeze, 33970 Cap-Ferret.Tél. 06 77 35 44 50; site:

The Red Tree, hideaway of hosts, to Génissac (33)At the edge of the Dordogne, between Bordeaux and Saint-Emilion, this unusual step well hidden deserves the detour. We must take a path among the vineyards, to access this old farmhouse of the eighteenth freshly restored. With the river, the vineyard and the fields as far as the eye can see, here silence is king.

The spirit of the place: contemporary! This is the affirmed bias of this guest house opened only a few months ago by two crazy decorators, friendly and welcoming, who like to receive as friends their passing guests. The vast courtyard in teak, the pool located in an old barn and open on the fields, the pool, the terrace, the jacuzzi ... set the tone.The little extra: the "deck" by the river to listen to the lapping. The best moment: when François opens a bottle of Saint-Emilion and prepares sandwiches for the aperitif and Geoffroy turns on the plancha for a dinner without ceremony on the terrace, head in the stars.With whom? A band of good friends for a weekend discovering Saint-Emilion nearby (15 minutes) after a tour in the country markets of the corner. A decorative idea to stitch: the colors of the living room, red wall, floor, sofa and black coffee tables. A takeaway book: Estuary of the Gironde, Charles Daney.Next: boat trips on the river.

90 euros the room. The Red Tree, 33420 Génissac.Tél. 05 57 24 43 72; website:

La Maison du Bassin, the eternal hotel, in Cap-Ferret (33)Le Ferret without a stop in this house, it would be like ... a basin without pinnaces or Banc d'Arguin, a horizon without huts or dune of Pilat! for sure, we would like to stay here forever.

The most of this hotel "deco" very personal: - its gourmet bistro with its eternal dessert buffet- the bar of the tchanqué to pitch on the chic and casual tunes of this beautiful bird.With whom? A couple, forever! Deco ideas to stitch: get all the pieces of wood that pass or old shutters to draw wall paneling.A to see in the area: the hotel, the bistro, the bar ... everything is on site ! Detour authorized to the spirit of the neighboring Cape to hunt or afford a souvenir sweatshirt from Ferret.

From 120 to 230 euros per night for 2 people; 300 euros the apartment for 4 people; from 13.50 euros breakfast.5, rue des Pionniers, 33950 Cap-Ferret.Tel. 05 56 60 60 63; website:

Côté Sable, the hotel we are talking about at Ferret, in Lège Cap-Ferret (33)Located close to Frédélian, the pastry chef, and the market, the two must-see Ferret. At the edge of the water and the beach and therefore, as the crow flies, 5 minutes from the dune of Pyla and Banc d'Arguin, the hotel enjoys, in the center, a natural and marine environment .

The little extra: the Clarins spa that has just opened and is not reserved only for the hotel's clientele.With whom? In family for a few days of holidays feet in the water. A decorative idea to stitch: the quotes of the authors to whom are dedicated the rooms, which one finds framed or painted in each one of them. An invitation to dream and reflect.A book to go: A blonde Cap Ferret Alix Girod Ain, to avoid taking himself seriously.

From 150 euros the room in low season and from 210 euros in high season.37, bd of the beach, 33 790 Lège Cap-Ferret.Tél. 05 57 17 07 27; site:

Yamina Lodge, exceptional bed and breakfast, in Lège-Cap-Ferret (33)With the ocean at your fingertips, the Yamina Lodge surfs on the tip of Cap-Ferret in a very "free" style. Without denaturing the perfect honeymoon decor.

With whom ? In love.The spots: the beach of Sailfish, obviously, if not the beach of the horizon for surfing and nibbling at Kaz Al.Le good plan: Pascalou has just opened, in annex to the lodge, a villa which can accommodate a whole family.

Room, 170 euros.169, avenue de Bordeaux, 33970 Lege-Cap-Ferret.Tel. 05 56 60 14 89 and 06 14 69 36 80. site:

Cape Breton

In Saint-Briac, quiet night at the mill, in Douarnenez (29) With the changing tides, the place has something magical about it. In this eighteenth mill, Patrick and Virginie Rocca opened four guest rooms, overlooking the Frémur.

Between 120 and 150 euros for two people, breakfast included. Moulin de Rochegoude, 35800 Saint-Briac-sur-Mer.Tel. 02 99 88 03 10 or 06 25 80 15 87; site:

Ty Mad, the good house, in Douarnenez (29)The poet Max Jacob brought his friends there and renamed the place "Ty Mad of cocagne" ... Since then, almost nothing has changed, Arnaud and Armelle Raillard have taken the following orders of the establishment. Artists and writers continue to find in this small charming hotel a haven of sweetness. And perhaps also an eternal source of inspiration in the contemplation of the Bay of Douarnenez.

The spirit: family home. With whom? In love or with his tribe in the small annexed house.The best room: the one with a view on the Saint-Jean chapel.A takeaway book: poems by Max Jacob.One decorating idea: the fishing net lamps of the entrance.The little extra: the contemporary art gallery in the basement.

Ty Mad Hotel, Saint-Jean beach, Tréboul, 29100 Douarnenez.Tél. 02 98 74 00 53; website:

The Kerisper Lodge, in La Trinité-sur-Mer (56)This charming mooring, located a cable from the port of La Trinité, figure since its opening, three years ago, among the most beautiful stopovers in Brittany. Claudie and Philippe Favre have just opened two new family suites with simple luxury enamelled with a deco always very advanced.

The best room: the ground floor which benefits from a small private terrace and access to the garden. The little extra: the sea trip proposed by the hotel to the island of Houat, aboard a large Zodiac or a sailboat. With whom: his tribe, of course! A decorative idea to stitch: the canopy, old veranda way, which separates the room from its bathroom, makes it possible to circulate the light more. A book to go: memory of the broad Eric Tabarly, Editions de Fallois. Because the navigator gives a lesson of courage and freedom. What to see in the surrounding area: the idyllic island of Saint-Cado and the little restaurant Les Algues Marines (a hustle and bustle where one can feast on mussels, ultrafresh langoustines and far breton tel. 02 97 55 33 30), the La Trinité-sur-Mer market (Tuesday and Friday)

Junior Suite, rates: low season, 155 euros; high season, 255 euros. You can also rent the house totally independent of the main part of the hotel, low season, 525 euros; high season, 840 euros.4, rue du Latz, 56470 La Trinité-sur-MerTel. 02 97 52 88 56 and

The Tri Men villa, in Quimper (29)This great holiday home, characteristic of bourgeois architecture from the beginning of the last century, was transformed, a few years ago, into a beautiful hotel and restaurant by the sea. The quality of its rooms and its exceptional location make it the ideal one of the most beautiful addresses of the bigouden coastline. Four years after its opening, two rooms and an independent family suite come to see day at the bottom of the park.

The spirit of the place: the atmosphere is serene, the reception without false note. It is a hotel where you come to rest, relax, winter and summer.The best room: the one at the end of the house.The little extra: the library very well supplied in photo books, historical epics , geographical collections of the region ... With whom: alone or in love.A decorative idea to stitch: the figures of the rooms painted in the manner of the registration of bigoudens fishing boats with a naval anchor, sign of the Save the boat.A takeaway book: do not load your suitcases, here the library is well supplied and good booksellers do not miss Quimper! To see in the surroundings: - A visit to the halls of Quimper, Saturday morning , the atmosphere is friendly and during the langoustine season, it's a pleasure to see them quiver on the stalls of the fishmongers! - A stop at the bistro du bac on the port of sainte-marine before leaving for a walk to the lighthouse , then along the dunes up Tudy Island.- La flocante La Pastorale 6, rue Saint-François, 29000 Quimper, tel. 02 98 95 89 66.

The cottages, low season rates, from 160 to 205 euros; high season, from 230 to 280 euros. The hotel, low season, from 110 to 185 euros; high season, from 185 to 260 euros.16, rue du phare, Sainte-Marine, 29120 Combrit.Tél. 02 98 51 94 94; site:

Bordeneo Castle, Belle-Ile (56)In Belle-Ile, on the commune du Palais, a little more than one kilometer from the port and three hundred meters from the small cove of Port Fouquet, this bourgeois residence became, thanks to Jean-Luc and Francoise Duplessy, a beautiful address to stay in the island.

The little extra: and not least! Concealed behind a door, we discover an old weapons room turned into a pool covered by the former owners. All mosaic blue, it is heated from April to late October, framed by sun loungers.With whom: with friends, or lovers. A clientele of regulars is here to rest in a spirit "like home". A deco to stitch: going up the stairs, the diverted coat rack that hosts the room keys is a beautiful find decoration. The names of the rooms are written in white paint, on large beach pebbles, placed directly on the ground in front of each entrance. A book to go: My double life Sarah Bernhardt, the opportunity to read the memories of the actress who spent its summers on the island for nearly thirty years.In the vicinity: the subjects of walk do not miss. The ideal is to stay several days and discover by bike the charm of nature still intact. To soak up the atmosphere of Sarah Bernhardt's time, drive to the wild and endearing Poulain Point Fort, where she resided. For the others, the port of Sauzon and its colorful facades, the citadel Vauban which throne, majestic, on the Palace or the small church of Locmaria are as many visits to predict.

Rates: low season, from 134 to 164 euros; medium season, from 154 to 184 euros; high season, from 174 to 214 euros. Breakfast is included.56360 The Palace, tel. 02 97 31 80 77; site:

The Mesnil des Bois or the sweetness of life, Le Tronchet (35)After two years of work, this elegant 16th century mansion, former residence of Robert Surcouf, has opened five rooms, welcoming and rustic, each named after a tree. Romantic invitation for a weekend or more ...

The spirit of the place: in every corner of the manor, one feels like in a beautiful family home, soft and warm. Relaxed and generous, Martine Villette is very caring for its guests, bending over backwards to fulfill each of their desires.The best room: located upstairs, we will choose the room "oak" for its soft decoration and its Absolutely quiet.The little extra: the breakfasts to fall with their procession of pancakes, cakes and homemade jam.With whom: a sportsman, after the solid breakfast, we choose between a hike in the woods, golf nearby, or a stroll at sea in Saint-Malo. A decorative idea to stitch: the owner, Jean-Jacques Villette, architect by profession, had the good idea to install a bathtub in the alcove of a closed bed. A nice way to give a chic and cozy look to your bathroom and recycle an old bed clos.Une book to go: we read the Memoirs of Beyond Tombs after a walk in the footsteps of Chateaubriand Castle Combourg. To see in the surroundings: - for a cultural walk, the city of the bécherel book - for a family outing, the castle of the Bourbansais and its zoo.

Five rooms from 90 to 105 euros, extra bed: 30 euros.The Mesnil des Bois, Martine and Jean-Jacques Villette, 35540 the tronchetTel. 02 99 58 97 12; site:

Cape Normandy

La Licorne, the decoration hotel, in Lyons-la-Forêt (27)Located in Upper Normandy, in the heart of a beautiful beech forest of 10,700 hectares, an old postal relay dating from 1610 has just reborn in one of the twenty most beautiful villages in France.

With whom we go with his lover for the calm and beauty of this village with streets lined with half-timbered houses of the seventeenth and eighteenth, his musical season, or with family to relax in the nature of walks in the forest, visits of the various monuments and classified castles. To see in the surroundings: The native house of Isaac Benserade, poet of Louis XIV; the two medieval convents of the Cordeliers and Benedictines; the former bailiwick; the remains of the ramparts; the church of the twelfth century and Saint-Denis decapitated, protector of the village; the magnificent medieval market hall and all the beautiful half-timbered houses restored; the house of Maurice Ravel who stayed there from 1911 to 1922 and where he composed the tomb of chopper; a auction room where auctions are held every fortnight.

From 89 euros the room.27, place Isaac- Benserade, 27480 Lyons-la-Forêt.Tél. 02 32 48 24 24; website: The hotel is part of the chains castles and hotels of collection of Alain Ducasse and Exclusive Hotels plus International.

The Life of Cocagne, the elegant beauty, in Bonnebosq (14)In the beautiful countryside of the Pays d'Auge, this house for rent in the middle of the fields, with friends or family, is aptly named. That of a small song by Jeanne Moreau that continues well beyond Normandy.

The spirit: chic countryside.The best room: the chocolate with its bathroom in slate and its stripped beams.The little extra: the refrigerator full on arrival.An archie idea: the half-timberings in transparency along the entire length of the facade Sud.Un book: Three Tales Flaubert.In the vicinity: Cormeilles for flea markets, Trouville for a breath of fresh air.

For two nights, between 500 and 900 euros, week between 1,000 and 2,000 euros depending on the seasons.Chemin de la Maladrerie, 14340 Bonnebosq.Tel. 06 12 90 67 82 or 02 31 65 15 94, site:

Annie's rooms at the water's edge, in Villerville (14)Between Deauville and Honfleur, on the Côte Fleurie, three small houses for rent and four cottages for holidays with friends.

From 90 to 195 euros the room, breakfast included.Cottage "the loft": weekend, 390 euros; week, 1 400 euros.Le Grand Bec, 10, rue Mouillère, 14113 Villerville.Tél. 02 31 87 10 10; website:

Cape Cotentin

Hotel Erguillère, between spray and sweets, Saint-Germain-des-Vaux (50)In Port Racine, the smallest port in France, the size of a swimming pool at high tide, the moor of brooms and heather, so dear to Jean-François Millet, falls steeply into the sea. On this steep rocky coast jostled by the tides, is high perched on the side of the hill the Hotel de l'Erguillère.

The spirit: a cozy cocoon.The best room: the number 5.The little plus: Paris-Brest With whom? A poet. A decorative idea: a poem written on a wall. A book to take away: Words of Jacques Prévert. To see in the surroundings: the house of Jacques Prévert and the botanical garden of Vauville.

From 85 to 130 euros the room.Port Racine, 50440 Saint-Germain-des-Vaux.Tel. 02 33 52 75 31; site:

Cape on the Pas-de-Calais

Pol Hotel, luxury, comfort and sobriety, Le Touquet (62)In the center of Le Touquet-Paris-Plage, facing the covered market, Frédéric Cousin transformed a family building from 1928 into a comfortable sober and timeless hotel.

What to see in the surrounding area: the Saturday market, directly opposite, is full of small local producers; the golf of Le Touquet, with its 45 holes, is an exceptional course; Le Ricochet restaurant, Les Sports brewery, the famous Perard fish house are within walking distance.

18 rooms including 2 suites, from 150 to 400 euros the suite of 65 m2.132, rue de Metz, 62520 Le Touquet.Tel. 03 21 06 60 10, website: polhotel. com

Stopover in the Bay of Somme

Les Tourelles, the family hotel, Le Crotoy (80)A nod to seaside architecture quirky at the beginning of the twentieth century, Les Tourelles was the former summer residence of Pierre Guerlain. Here is the Baie de Somme beach side with its walks in the dunes.

From 46 to 82 euros per night. Dormitory room for children under 14, 23 euros including breakfast.2-4, rue Pierre-Guerlain, 80550 Le Crotoy.Tél. 03 22 27 16 33, site:

The castle of Noyelles, bed and breakfast of character, in Noyelles (80)In the Baie de Somme countryside side, the castle of Noyelles, imagined by an industrialist north to the nineteenth century, became last year a stage of charm to discover two on the road to the park Marquenterre.

From 95 to 260 euros, 45 euros dinner.28-30, rue du Maréchal-Foch, 80860 Noyelles.Tél. 03 22 23 68 70, site:

The barn, between land and sea, in Port-le-Grand (80)From the window of this old barn converted into a house for rent, we dive into the Bay of the Somme and its shades of green celadon, ocher brown and violet iridescent at sunset.

300 euros on weekends and from 550 euros per week.Chemin du Moulin, 80132 Port-le-Grand.Tél. 03 22 24 07 23 and 06 08 93 73 97, site: