What's new at the table?


A tart pan "Les Naturels" in porcelain culinaire, 39,90 euros, Revol. A casserole, "Chiffon pink" enamelled cast iron, ø 24 cm, 209 euros, Le Creuset.

Revol and Le Creuset

Revolution smoothly on the dishes. While porcelain plays the card of graphic sobriety, the cutlery is mixed at will and the cooking dishes take the lead. Whiteness, refined colors and clean lines: these simmering dishes are so elegant that they go from kitchen to table without transition.

The dishes go to the essential, it returns to the purity of the white

Simple lines and sober colors, it is used daily as for special occasions. It comes in matte black, taupe or chalk, but it is in white that it is unanimous. Redesigned with style, without any embellishment, white ceramics can be used alone, as a great restaurant, or mixed with more ornamental pieces. Immaculate novelties include Gian's timeless earthenware collection "Essentials", Serax's "Base" bone china line, minimalist and chic, or the Villeroy & Boch porcelain service "La Classica Nuova". Art deco inspiration. For its 50th anniversary, Habitat also publishes a range of white porcelain. Sober but not banal, signed Terence Conran, "Parnasse" sports geometric lines inspired by the Bauhaus.

Served "base" porcelain bone china, from 12 euros the plate, 14.50 euros the bowl and 6 euros the coffee cup, Piet Boon for Serax.

Piet Boon

The housewife becomes light

For generations, it was the dream wedding gift. The imposing wooden box filled with dozens and dozens of silver-plated flatware has lived. Too bulky (who still has a buffet in his dining room?), Too expensive (sometimes over 3,000 euros), too restrictive (the cake forks, is it necessary?), In short, not at all adapted to our new ways of living and receiving.

Box: "Anthology" covered with fabric, with pocket for 24 seats or 7 pieces of service, also available in red and kraft brown, 25 euros, Guy Degrenne. Stainless steel cutlery: "Guest Star" fork, 14.40 euros, "Aquatic Miroir" knife, 13.90 euros, "Squadro Miroir" coffee spoon, 10 euros, Guy Degrenne.

Guy Degrenne

To dust off the housewife grandmother, Guy Degrenne had the idea of ​​a small box rangerevues, welcoming a pocket for 24 covers. It is called "Anthology", costs 25 euros, and we put what we want. We can offer three at once or complete its collection over time, mix cutlery of different styles, banish the fish forks and add lots of small spoons ... We pay to the room. "The idea is to give the freedom to build a housewife that really corresponds to us," says Thierry Villotte, the president of the brand.Today, it is rather at the age of 30-40 years that We want to invest in beautiful cutlery, babies have grown up, we start to receive and we realize that we have only cheap knives and forks in its drawers. And if, within 5 years after purchase, you are tired of your assortment, we exchange it against another, brand new (count 50 euros for this service). Your used cutlery will be repolished and resold in a factory store.

Tea cup "The classica Nuova" porcelain, 26.90 euros, Villeroy & Boch. And a plate "Grand Chalet" ceramic designed by the Japanese artist Setsuko and handmade in Paris, ø 21.5cm, 57 euros, Astier de Villate.

Villeroy & Boch and Astier de Villate

The cooking dishes are cannons, they invite themselves to table without any way

A black tajine that looks like hand-turned by Laurent Corio for Le Creuset, anthracite casseroles with graphic lines edited by Cookut, Iittala or Terre étoilée ... Once stashed in the kitchen, the cooking dishes are exposed today. table. Clean lines, contemporary colors, matte finishes or satin: revisited by designers, casseroles, casseroles and pots of yesteryear take a serious facelift. At Staub, the traditional enamelled cast iron casserole comes in mustard yellow and cinnamon brown. At Le Creuset, she wears a very elegant matte finish ("Mate chewable"), a beautifully powdered fifties pink ("Chiffon pink" collection) and, for the holidays, is adorned with discrete sequins (limited edition "Midnight gray") . "From the kitchen to the table ..." is since 1768 the motto of the house Revol. As a specialist in culinary porcelain, the brand has just launched the "Les Naturels" collection, which consists of four pastry dishes with a more than elegant aesthetic. "Today, we no longer have the desire or the time to transfer the food from the baking dish to the service dish," explains Olivier Passot, the director of the brand, "In a casserole or a porcelain tajine, for example. you cook it on the flame or the induction, you bake it in the oven, and serve it at the table, it's three in one. " More beautiful but also more practical, the new generation cooking dishes are all good.

A tart pan "Les Naturels" in porcelain culinaire, 39,90 euros, Revol. A casserole, "Chiffon pink" enamelled cast iron, ø 24 cm, 209 euros, Le Creuset.

Revol and Le Creuset

High baking dishes

1. Tajine in ceramic coated aluminum, for gas, induction and oven. Ø 30 cm, 90 euros, KnIndustry. On sale at the Borgo boutique, 4, rue du GrandPrieuré, 75011 Paris (
2. Terracotta sauté pan, different colors and sizes. Ø 24 cm, 60 euros, Home around the world.
3. Cocotte "M Tima" in sandstone, Ø 20 cm, 38 euros, Jars.
4. Plate in aluminum covered with ceramic, Ø 16 cm, 38 euros, and mahogany lid that can serve as a trivet, 34 euros, KnIndustrie at Borgo.
5. Ceramic coated aluminum stoves for gas, induction and oven, Ø 16 and 20 cm, 33 euros and 38 euros (removable handle sold separately, 28 euros), KnIndustrie at Borgo.
6. Wooden spoon, 5 euros, Borgo.
7. Terrine "Loaf Pan" cast iron, 23 x 11.5 cm. The lid also serves as a bottom-plate. 109 euros, Staub.
8. Ramekin "Ramkin" porcelain with silicone lid, Ø 7 x H 7 cm, 19 euros 2, Cookut.
9. "Canteen" dishes in sandstone, 16.5 x 12 and 26.5 x 19 cm, 24 euros and 34.50 euros, Jars.
10. Tartlet mold and cake mold in culinary porcelain, Ø 11.5 cm and L 24 cm, 24.90 euros for 2, and 29.90 euros one, "Les Naturels" collection, Revol.
11. "Eve induction" casserole in cast aluminum coated with ceramic, all fires and oven, Ø 20 cm, 99 euros, Cookut.

Richard Alcock

"Parnasse", porcelain, 9 euros, Terence Conran for Habitat.


The Tajine "1850" ceramic, induction compatible, 179.90 euros, Laurent Corio for Emile Henry

Emile Henry