BHV: our favorites of spring 2013



Graphics and colors are the protagonists of the spring 2013 collection at BHV. From the light to the dishes, the spirit of spring is everywhere! Here are the favorites of the editorial ...

Ultra graphic and hyper colored. This is the new BHV spring summer 2013 collection. Prints, geometric designs and warm colors settle on all the equipment of the house to create a dazzling decor. Dishes in the colors of summer, versatile lighting, cushions with graphic prints ... The BHV says goodbye to bad weather winter and wants to imbue us with a summer spirit.

1. The dishes take the colors of summer

We love: the game of delicate stripes that arises on porcelain giving it an exotic spirit. And the alternation between white and blue that reminds us of the summer sky.

Rectangular dishes: Porcelain, 9, 5 x 7 cm to 10,90 € and 23 x 11 cm to 25 €.

Round dishes: Porcelain, different sizes, between 11 and 69,90 €.

Extra large bowl : Porcelain, 57 €.

2. The BHV says goodbye to gray clouds

We like: the simple but playful designs that make fun of bad winter weather.

Tetière and cup in enamel, 20 and 6.50 €.

3. Spicy Black and White for Mugs

We like: geometric patterns that differ from one mug to another. But especially the colorful touches that arise on the patterns Black and White and revive the porcelain.

Set of 4 Mugs: DOMINO, porcelain, exists in different colors. 1990.

4. Peppers on the plates

We like: color! Subtly associated with graphics in white and black, or impressive and vivid, it gives a grain of life to the dishes and a note of gaiety meals ...!

DORINE Collections (in melamine, flat plate 5,90 €) and DOMINO (porcelain, set of 4 flat plates € 24.90).

5. A garden like a painting

We love: the garden that is accessible to all spaces, large or small, indoor or outdoor ... The combination of sparkling colors, and the delicacy brought by the frame.

Framingwood and metal plate 27 € - Magnetic pots between 3.5 and 11 €.

6. At BHV high-tech plays retro style card

We like: the retro style that is revealed in high-tech objects ... The proof that it is possible to reconcile modernity and tradition.

BEOPLAY A8 docking station:Compatible with IPhone IPod and IPad, Airplay, 1150 €

Cameras: The Sardina & GRAND CRU flash and La Sardina 8-Bal. Silver cameras, 99 and 59 € l

7. Pillows dare colorful imitates

We love: the spirit of spring that is revealed through the shapes and colors of the prints. We also love the variety of patterns and shapes that can create an eclectic decor and full of life.

Up : DODUS: 100% cotton, 14, 90 € / DAIKIRI: removable, 100% cotton, 30 x 50 cm, 19, 90 € / DENMARK: 100% cotton, removable, 50 x 50 cm, 22, 90 €

Below : ANTWERP: 47 x 47 cm, 72 € / D-COLA: removable cover, 100% cotton, 40 x 40 cm, 19, 90 € / DONALD: removable cover, 100% cotton, 45 x 45 cm, 24, 90 €

8. Two-tone geometry on the couch

We love: the marriage between the gray taupe and the black cleverly revived by the geometric shapes offset printed. We keep the sobriety of colors without falling into a flat and uniform decor.

Red Rhine Cushions:from 52 €

9. At BHV the appliance takes futuristic airs

We love: the futuristic look of home appliances that still manages to preserve the usual sophistication of Bugatti design.

VELA electronic blender: 400 W, 4 speeds, 190 €.

VOLO Toaster: 930 W, 190 €.

DIVA espresso machine: 650 €.

10. The BHV luminaire folds

We like: the originality and versatility of the luminaire. Lamps and suspensions take a Japanese look by adopting the origami style. The colorful touches and unusual contortions bring a more contemporary note.

Spi suspension: Metal structure dressed by a two-tone spi cloth cover. Height max 150 cm, 239 €.

Mendori suspension: 48 x 50 x 44 cm, LED 9 W, 760 €.