What is the profession of interior photographer?




The interior photographer immortalizes the end result of a construction or renovation of a house or apartment. Côté Maison wondered about this job still little known to the general public, through an interview with Arnaud, the company Opus Agency.

Can I take some beautiful pictures of my worksite finally finished? Before answering with certainty, we strongly recommend that you read this interview with Arnaud, from the company Opus Photo, which presents the profession of photographer specialized in interior photography.

Selfportrait of Arnaud Porcheron

Opus Photo

Hello Arnaud, can you introduce us to your job?

Interior photographer Arnaud: Hello Côté Maison, I am a professional photographer specialized in interior photography.

In concrete terms, do you photograph the interior of houses or apartments?

Interior photographer Arnaud: It would be too vague. My mission is to take shots that highlight the good or the work of the professional I work for. I photograph both apartments and houses.

Why do we need a specialist for this type of shooting?

Interior photographer Arnaud: Because indoor photography requires a lot of technique. You must know how to play on the 3 parameters (speed, aperture, sensitivity) at the time of shooting. Architecture photography is the most "Cartesian" photograph. She is one of the most technical.

A bit like pastry in the kitchen?

Interior photographer Arnaud: In search of precision yes. You have to know your device perfectly and know how to adjust it sharply. Like a pastry chef who knows the quantities to the nearest gram, the temperatures and cooking times.


So we do not improvise indoor photographer. And how did you come to marry this job?

Interior photographer Arnaud: First of all, photography is a passion since adolescence. I started with a bridge that the father of a friend had given me and I quickly became interested in settings, I documented myself, I followed training and then I did and retest. Then, after an early career in a commercial function, I had the opportunity to ask myself the question of what I wanted to do ...

And passion won?

Interior photographer Arnaud: Yes but not only I took the time to think about what territory of the photo I wanted to evolve. I quickly identified real estate and architectural projects as a niche to explore.


Why this niche?

Interior photographer Arnaud: Because the visual has a prominent place in valuing the work and know-how of the professional. Having a sharp, straight, well framed image magnifies the work of the architect or decorator. There is therefore a real need and paradoxically few professionals use photographers at the end of their work.

It is true that the pictures of realization are not always at the height of the quality of the service. How do you explain that?

Interior photographer Arnaud: Perhaps due to a lack of culture of marketing and communication but also because of tariffs. Indoor photography is perceived as a photo art and costs between 500 and 1000 euros per site, with a photographer who spends at least half a day on site.

And that's not your approach?

Interior photographer Arnaud: No, I prefer to propose a more pragmatic approach. On a typical mission, I will spend 15-30 min to discuss with the professional to understand his needs and then we will work together for 45 to 60 minutes to make the shots. This may of course vary depending on the number of rooms and points on which the architect will want to insist.


What lowers the cost of the benefit?

Interior photographer Arnaud: Yes since I am able to offer a departure service at 169 euros including a photo appointment and delivery of 8 retouched photos. In return, I am also a little more directive than a photographer who planned to spend the day there because other projects await me.

It is indeed a different approach but is there not a risk of disappointment of the professional?

Interior photographer Arnaud: I have today 100% positive opinions and already many recurring customers. More and more professionals in interior design and decoration have realized that beautiful photos are essential to attest to the quality of its services. You can go see mine on my Facebook page Opus Photo, I let you judge.


I saw them and I find them beautiful. What are the 3 great qualities of an interior photographer?

Interior photographer Arnaud: It takes a quality of listening and empathy with your client. Architecture and decoration are creative works, professionals have a strong link with what they have designed and realized. You have to know how to feel it and especially to magnify it. Then you need a real technical training, prerequisite for photographs at the height of the quality of services. Finally, it takes a lot of flexibility. A project does not finish very rarely on D-day, you have to know how to be available at the peak of the professional's work.

The climax?

Interior photographer Arnaud: Yes, this very short moment during which the work is finished and the occupants of the place did not make it evolve while reappropriating it.

The kairos, the right moment?

Interior photographer Arnaud: Exactly. To be there at the right moment, neither before nor after, and to grasp it by magnifying it. It is my job.

Thank you very much Arnaud and very quickly.

You can find the achievements of Arnaud on his site.