What is the job of interior designer?


What is the job of interior designer?

Sabine Serrad

You want to restructure the spaces of your interior? An interior designer should be able to help you to complete your project. In addition to the reorganization of your home, can we entrust the interior designer with other missions such as decoration? Côté Maison takes stock of the fascinating profession of interior designer.

The interior designer is your best ally for your renovation project, as a single-family home or as a co-owner. If the architect DE or DPLG focuses on construction, the interior designer focuses his work on the layout of the different spaces of your home. His job covers a wide range of missions. It's up to you to know what your project is before you call on him.

When to call an interior designer?

- When your renovation project requires a restructuring of the space. Create an extra bedroom, create a bathroom in a master suite, transpose a kitchen to another part of the apartment.

- When you are on a quest for space optimization: creating additional storage and custom, opening a kitchen on a living room, creating a mezzanine, a separate office ...

Its core business is the optimization of space. It can intervene on all the projects which do not need to touch to the carrying structure of the house, but which require to rethink the space. When one must touch the supporting structure, the interior designer knows how to surround himself with a structural engineer, a design office.

Optimization of space in a studio by Archimaïdes Interior Architects


The interior designer must have an "eye" that is to say the ability to see the space beyond the existing. Generally good ideas come on site but also once he has realized the metric and the plan of the apartment.

He must also have many other talents, such as colorist, because he can play tints to create a harmony that will accentuate volumes. Often it is said that a good interior designer has a compass in the eye because he must be able to know if the sofa will enter or not in your living room!

Architect, interior designer or decorator?

It all depends on your project:

The architect deals with the design of the structure of the house.

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The interior designer can ensure a mission of decoration and create the atmosphere that will please you.

The two missions are intimately linked because certain technical constraints can result from the aesthetic choices.

The decorator can make proposals based on the existing, the interior designer, in a renovation mission, will consider new innovative solutions.

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What is the job of interior decorator?

The interior designer is the link between the structure and your desires and like other professionals, it can be a great help in the relationship with artisans.

Renovation of the living room of an apartment in Fontaines-sur-Saone, designed by interior designer Marion Lanoë.

Sabine Serrad

What are the missions that the interior designer can provide?

- Study and design: plans, sketches, cutting plans ...

- 2D and 3D plans

- The consultation of the general works companies for the competition of the quotations.

- Accompaniment and follow-up

- The reception of the works

- The purchase and installation of furniture

Is it a regulated profession?

Yes and no.

Yes, because they can be affiliated with certain organizations such as UNAID or CFAI that validate their skills and ensure that they have a decennial insurance for the missions of prime contractor.

No, because it is possible to exercise this profession by delegating the project management to a general works company, a design office or an architect.

Complete renovation of an old concierge lodge in the studio by interior designer Géraldine Laferté.

Stéphane Déroussant

But in this case, what is the difference between an interior designer and an interior designer?

The interior designer will dare more easily to propose a restructuring of the space, when the decorator will work mainly on the existing one. He has a more global vision of the project. That's why you can appeal to him when you think your property deserves to be optimized. Applying to an interior designer ensures you to create an added value on your property, because it will be modernized, will meet your needs and in the case of a rental investment to the expectations of potential buyers. It's an exterior look that allows you to rethink your interior to fit your lifestyle.

Sides rates, what are the rates of an interior designer?

Some consulting services may be lump sum. Everything depends on the mission requested. As the trade is not regulated, there is no price schedule.

For full missions, as for DE / DPLG architects, the fees correspond to a percentage of the total amount of the prime contractor between 12 and 10% of the total bill.

A part that can be fixed - design fees - and another variable such as site monitoring for example.

The choice of the good interior designer is based on the relationship of trust, but especially on its ability to understand your needs and adapt your space.