What is the job of architect?


What is the job of architect? - Here, renovation of an apartment made by DPLG architect Aurélie Nicolas.

Pascal Simonin

The architect is the conductor for any renovation or renovation project of an apartment or a house, a small or a large area. Many responsibilities are entrusted to him to carry out his missions but in what does his job concretely consist?

The architect DPLG or DE (Graduate by the Government or State Graduate) is the conductor of the construction of your home. Its missions are multiple and complex because they engage its responsibility on many levels. Back to the different aspects of the architectural profession.

What are the missions of an architect?

A complete mission can include the following services:

- Studies and design: plans, sketches, cutting plans.

- 2D and 3D plans.

- Filing of the administrative file (such as the building permit and all the prior and legal declarations).

- The consultation of the companies for the competition of the quotations.

- The accompaniment and the follow-up of the works.

- The reception of the works.

Some benefits can be provided independently:

APS : The preliminary draft summary. The architect will study the feasibility of the project. The adequacy of your desires with your budget, the topography of the place, the rules of urbanism ... He will be able to propose to you sketches, a plan of mass in order to help you validate your choices.

ODA : The detailed or final draft. He will give you the detailed plans, an estimate of the works, a schedule of realization.

DCE : Business consultation file. It will compete with companies and contractors to get the best value for your project.

Follow-up of works : The architect accompanies you on the organization of the different phases of work, the organization of the trades. He will be the guarantor of the good execution of the works.

films : the architect can establish an accurate statement and a survey of your home. This can be very useful if you want to sell your property or consider its transformation.

Warning : The architects are excellent technicians, but you have certainly heard many anecdotes about some funny mistakes like the omission of a staircase to go to the floor of a house or the forgetting of the cages. elevator in a building. Their work on the plan sometimes disconnects them from a certain concrete reality and common sense. As for all professionals, it is important to have a good relationship from the start. The architect can not necessarily anticipate your desires and that is why you have to play cards on the table and tell him everything about your project and your desires, even if you want to integrate a 20m² dressing room in your Paris 3-room apartment.

Renovation of an apartment by architect DPLG Aurélie Nicolas

Pascal Simonin

When to call an architect?

- When you have a project of magnitude: construction, extension, elevation, modification of facade, the creation of a glass roof, the complete transformation of a plateau: reunification of apartments or division of a space into several dwellings, the creating openings on the front or on the roof ...

- For some work in apartment at the request of co-ownership, as any project affecting the structure or common areas (such as chimneys ...)

- Before the purchase of a property to evaluate the work, the potential and make a costing of the necessary renovations.

You can call on an architect to accompany you throughout your project, for a complete mission or specific missions. This expense should be considered as a real investment part of your project because the insurance subscribed by the architect impose an obligation of means, but also results.

It can be of great help in the relationship with craftsmen, especially guaranteeing the completion of the project if you entrust the project owner.

Be careful not to misunderstand, an architect will not spend time with you to choose wallpaper. Its core business is design, the technical part. The aesthetic choices (excluding materials, it does not matter to him in general).

What are the rates of an architect?

Some benefits may be lump sum. It all depends on the experience and the mission requested. For full missions, it is usually a percentage of the total amount of the prime contractor between 15 and 10% of the total bill. If in doubt, please specify the details of the missions that will be covered by the contract.

What assurances must an architect present?

Any architect carrying out a project management mission will be held responsible for any damage that jeopardizes the solidity of the structure or that renders it unsuitable for its purpose during the ten years following the acceptance of the work.

This decennial liability is based on the presumption of fault: the finding of the damage is sufficient to establish the responsibility (except in case of external fact demonstrated by the architect). That is why some people will refuse your project or will make you sign dumps if your aesthetic choices take precedence over the technical choices. This is typically the case for stair railings or a very design staircase.

You can consult several architects for your project. But it's useless to want to put them in competition on their tariffs. The architect offers a real service and a real added value to your project. Negotiate rather on materials than his services.