I sell my furniture on the internet, what about you?


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Moving, want to change or need space? Reselling your furniture on the internet may be the answer. They, in any case, they started on Ebay or elsewhere. Listen to their advice ...

How to easily get rid of his furniture without throwing? Using the Internet, the only flea market open all year and 24 hours. Of course, Ebay is the flagship site with its bidding (paid service) and also its free classifieds. But he is not the only one. Notice to fans, or also allow to empty at home. User testimonials on the way forward ...

"I sold a TV stand in two hours"

Emeline, 26 years old, Amiens (Somme)

Emeline's favorite site:, where to submit an ad is free.
"Following two moves, I sold a TV cabinet, a corner sofa, a wardrobe and kitchen furniture on To set the price, I start by looking at what is proposed elsewhere. I divide the purchase cost by two or more to speed up the sale My ads are accurate, they mention the model, the dimensions and the state of the furniture, and are accompanied by several photos. I gave up my TV stand in two hours, with payment in cash .. Sold in batch with a piece of furniture, this office left at 80 euros. "
Emeline's advice: I ban the blurry photos that devalue the furniture.

"The person comes to see the furniture and carries it if he pleases"

Marie, 39 years old, Argenteuil (Val d'Oise)

The favorite sites of Marie:, the classifieds of Ebay and, where the deposit of ad is free. But not
"Table and chairs, TV drawers, Japanese lamp, toy box ... I sold a dozen furniture on the internet to make room in my apartment.When someone contacts me, I invite him to come see me If it suits him, it wins.I always ask for a payment in cash.I sold 250 euros a fridge Ariston bought 610 euros in 2007. For security, I do not indicate my address in the ad and does not respond to suspicious phone calls, such as a so-called buyer who asks for your contact information to send you a delivery person and a money order seeks to impersonate you. "
Mary's advice: In the announcement and on the phone, I never say too much about myself.

"Me, I like to auction"

Julien, 32 years old, Le Pecq (Yvelines)

Julien's favorite sites: the Ebay auction site (paying) and
"I sold a coffee table and club chair at auction on Ebay, this system allows the ad to be seen more and stimulates the buyer to make a good deal." furniture more expensive than their reserve price [minimum price accepted, established before the auction and secret because it is not displayed] For example, I sold 250 euros the armchair bought 400 euros, auctioned at 80 with a reserve price at 140. Once the deal was concluded, the contact was easy and fast, the withdrawal took place at home, the buyers came with a van, I only accept the payment in cash. In general, for the announcement, I found that a disassembled photographed furniture will be less attractive.A photo uploaded on the Internet prevents the buyer to realize the actual condition of the furniture.
Julien's advice: At auction, I set the reserve price at 70% of half the new price.

"I sold my room fully equipped"

Charlotte, 26 years old, Epernay (Marne)

Charlotte's favorite sites: and Ebay classifieds.
"I sold my fully equipped room to make room before my move and not to keep disassorted furniture, more difficult to sell.I feel that a strong demand exists for this type of complete offer. Other times, I have sometimes given gifts (a bolster, a microwave frame), a "little extra" that does not cost me anything and gives pleasure to the buyer. "
Charlotte's tip: I only remove the ad from the site after the sale is made, not after a promise that may not materialize.

"I give my bank book number"

Céline, 28 years old, Riantec (Morbihan)

Celine's favorite sites: Ebay and, which allow a search by region, which is convenient to provide a hand delivery.
"At auction and by classified ad, the internet serves me especially to sell child furniture become useless, like this bed, to 60. As a precaution, I never give my mailing address to the first mail and it is not me only two or three times, to say very rarely, to refuse a sale when I feel the message received that the buyer is not serious.I prefer to be paid in cash.I accept a check for small sums.Or I give a bank account number, after taking precautions with my bank.The buyer has the right to come see the furniture and not to acquire if it is disappointed.
Celine's advice: I will gladly send clarifications and additional photos when asked.

In summary, to be a good seller ...

1. Be very precise in the description of the furniture (model, dimensions, condition).
2. Publish several photos of the furniture in your home situation and from all angles.
3. You are free to set the price of furniture, but do not set the bar too high.
4. Post your ad on multiple sites.
5. Choose bids (paid) to hope to be seen more and sell faster.
6. Do not post your precise details online.
7. Do not hesitate to quickly provide additional information to those interested.
8. Make an appointment at home once you have made sure of the seriousness of the potential buyer.
9. Prefer payment in cash.
10. Be vigilant. Without paranoia ...