Dream Houses

An ecological and modern house with terrace


Olivier Hallot

All the rooms in this large house open onto the garden or onto a terrace. The orientation, materials and equipment offer a comfortable and warm home in a minimalist style.

Designed by the architect Eric Gauthier to be in close communion with the outside, this large modern house allows you to enjoy the view of the garden through its floor-to-ceiling windows. The living room is entirely turned towards the terraces and the swimming pool. Inside and out, the owners wanted a sober and functional decor. A simple and refined decoration: an integrated kitchen, dressings hidden in the walls, white walls punctuated by some touches of colors and wood ...

1. A timber frame house

The project ? Build a contemporary wood frame house by applying the bioclimatic principles with selected materials (insulation, glazing ...) to obtain a high energy performance and a pleasant indoor climate winter and summer.
Boasting a good seal and a bioclimatic design, the house (wood frame structure on concrete foundations) is energy efficient. Its walls are surisolés (high density wood fibers 23 cm thick). Finally, the building benefits from significant passive solar gains through large windows.

2. A house under high sunscreen

The house is protected from summer solar radiation by a roof overhang and sunshade blinds in front of the windows. All openings are equipped with double glazing with reinforced insulation. A ground-source geothermal heating system supplies a heated floor and, in order to mitigate the adverse effects of an excessively efficient waterproofing (virtually non-existent natural ventilation), a dual flow VMC has been installed.

3. House with lunch area for the summer

The sunshade, made of wooden battens, forms an effective bulwark against the hot weather in summer. It brings the necessary shade to lunch comfortably. The breakfast area overlooks the garden, simple and easy to maintain: without flowers but very green with a hedge of bamboo and laurel trees and some trees to protect themselves from prying eyes.

3. A kitchen bathed in light and clean design

To the north, a canopy was inserted into the roof to bring direct light into the kitchen without risking overheating. The fixed frame, steel, is equipped with a double glazing low emissive thus very insulating and protected against intrusions.

The kitchen (Siematic) consists of a long island (4.50 x 1 m) hyperfunctional grouping a hob, a washing area and a snack plan, and a large storage cabinet that covers the entire wall. On the aesthetic side, the lacquered laminate fronts and the Corian worktop are adorned with an elegant pearl gray that allows the kitchen to harmonize with the decor of the living room while being discreet. Appliances are concealed under the facades and retractable outlets are hidden in the worktop so that everything is always tidy.

4. A large colorful living room

The living room is an open tray, arranged in different spaces: a dining room, a home cinema and a spacious living room with a nice selection of designer furniture (sofa and armchairs "LC3" Le Corbusier, chairs "Fourmi" Arne Jacobsen, lamppost "Arco" of the Castiglioni brothers ...).

5. Floor-to-ceiling harmony for this modern home

On the ground floor, all floors are covered with waxed concrete and, to differentiate the universes, a clever game of materials and thicknesses has been implemented on the ceiling: living room and dining room are capped with a ceiling in blond wood to create a warm atmosphere, while the kitchen and access to other parts of the house are topped with a false white ceiling. A difference in levels that allowed to integrate aesthetically the hood kitchen side and also to embed or fix spots to bring a direct light on the worktop.

6. A white and trendy room

The parental suite, located on the ground floor, declines white on furniture, linens and decorative objects. Planning tips make the room particularly functional. Thus, an "arch" (mounted in cement tiles) forms a headboard. And behind, a long dressing room has a storage space with a discreet design.

7. A minimalist bathroom

At the bottom of the master suite, on the ground floor, the bathroom offers a double sink for everyone to enjoy a space of their own. Practical, pocket doors fade into the wall to open the room on other rooms.

8. An escalator

In the traffic area, the walls and floors of raw concrete sign a refined atmosphere enhanced by an air staircase. Designed by the architect, the latter has steps in blond wood and a steel structure. It is directly attached to the concrete wall without support on the ground and without risers. The steel railing, made to measure, dresses the stairs while lightness.

9. Red trendy children's rooms

Located upstairs, the children's rooms are cleverly appointed and equipped with niches to display collections or store books. On the decorative side, the furniture adopts the same color codes (gray and red) as in other parts of the house.

Pleasant, the room of the eldest has a large glazed surface overlooking the outside: it brings a maximum of light. The glass door leads to a small terrace. A large flat painted gray forms a headboard animated by reproductions of Keith Haring characters.

The plan of the house

The life of the house is organized around the stairs. The construction was built on a concrete slab which, thanks to its inertia, acts as a "radiator", attenuating the variations of temperature. The parental suite and the rooms of life are directed towards the terrace and the swimming pool (in the south-east). Upstairs (not shown on this map), there are two children's bedrooms, each with a bathroom, and an office space on a mezzanine.

Architect: Eric Gauthier, 21, rue Saint-Jacques, 67220 Thanvillé. Such. : 03 88 57 60 57. E-mail: ericgauthier .architect @ wanadoo.fr