All about sunflower, a solar flower


All about sunflower, a solar flower

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The sunflower, or Helianthus annuus, is a annual flower who easily pushes in all the gardens. It can go from 1 to 5 meters high and its flowers reach 40 cm in diameter. His name comes from his ability to accompany the race of the sun, from east to west. When the flower appears, the plant no longer rotates and remains oriented to the south. Sunflower is grown for its seeds from which oil is extracted or used for animal feed. In the garden, sunflowers can punctuate perennial beds, or be grown to make beautiful bouquets. Its colors range from very pale yellow to burgundy red. What to play on all palettes.

The sunflower is an annual plant that appreciates hot soils and the rich lands. It develops on tall stems that can reach 4 meters high. Cultivated in the kitchen garden, the sunflower is used to make bouquets; in the garden, he paces the flower beds at the end of summer. Our practical tips will help beginner and experienced gardeners grow sunflower successfully in their garden and on their terrace.

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Sunflower plantation

The sunflower sows from the end of the frosts. The land must be very rich and drained. Choose very sunny places to install the sunflower. Refine the soil so that the seeds germinate properly. Sow seeds 3 or 5 in holes dug to about 5 cm deep. If your land is heavy, add some sand in the holes before sowing. Cover the holes with the back of a rake, water and straw. Bale regularly to prevent weeds, competing with plants.

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Potted sunflower

The sunflower can be grown in large pots or bins. Choose the smaller varieties or position the bins against a wall; this prevents the sunflowers from bending during gales or predict stakes. Proceed as for sowing in the ground. Do not forget watering during the summer especially by great drought.

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Size and maintenance of sunflower

Think of guardians for large sunflowers, especially if your garden is exposed to the wind. Sunflower does not grow. Tear off the feet after the last blooms, and add them to the compost pile.

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Watering and sunflower fertilizer

Water the sunflower seedlings well and then at least once a week during growth of the plant. Avoid wetting the foliage and straw well in case of strong heat. If the soil has been well enriched at sowing, it is not no need to bring fertilizer during the growth of the sunflower.

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Diseases and parasites affecting sunflower

Sunflower is a plant resistant to diseases and insect attacks. In case of strong moist heat, foliage may suffer from mildew attacks. We can fight against the attack at the beginning of the season with sprays of nettle manure.

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To know about the sunflower

In the sunflower family, we find the Jerusalem artichokea vegetable whose root is eaten. Sunflowers have attracted bees, and since they bloom late in the season, they provide food for insects while the rest of the garden is empty.

The varieties of sunflower to choose

Install giant sunflowers along a wall or fence.

Think of guardians to keep them in high winds. The variety 'Sun Titan' can reach more than 2 meters high, the sunflower 'Mammoth' culminates at 4 meters. They are both yellow.

Conversely, for pot culture, look for smaller varieties, such as the pale yellow 'Lemon Queen' sunflower, the yellow-orange 'Teddy Bear' and the pompous flowers.

And finally for beautiful bouquets, use colored sunflowers: 'Velvet Queen' is dark red, 'Red sun' is bronze, 'Florenza' is yellow on the outside and dark red in the center, or the sunflower 'Prado Red' burgundy.

Gardener's tip on sunflower

Give some sunflower seeds to the children. This annual plant grows quickly and they will be amazed by the growth of the sunflower. A good way to make them want to garden