Salon Côté Sud: the 3 good reasons to go there


H. Del Olmo - H. Host

The Côté Sud lounge opens its doors in Aix-en-Provence with many events and 200 exhibitors. What for? To find out, it's here ...

First reason: For gluttony

If you are greedy, good living and you have an interest in good food, the Salon Vivre Côté Sud in Aix en Provence is for you!
You will have the opportunity during these four days to meet and learn from professionals in the kitchen. These enthusiasts will be there throughout the show to exchange with you and teach you simple techniques of cooking that you can remake easily. A good opportunity to learn while having fun. Three demonstrations and five workshops will be organized every day and many personalities will be present ... All this for free and under the theme of the pretty summer tables!

Second reason: To enjoy the exceptional setting

The Salon Vivre Côté Sud will take place outdoors from June 10 to 13, 2011 at Parc Jourdan in Aix-en-Provence, promises an exceptional walk throughout its paths. In addition to being held in a beautiful park and in the beautiful city of Aix en Provence, the show will put in place superb staging. The theme of the summer tables will remind you of walks in the garden after sunny afternoons but this time on 8000 m²! The 200 very varied stands with southern flavors and the decoration of the aisles of the show will satisfy all lovers of delicacies. Pure pleasure of the eye!

Third reason: To be a player

The Salon Vivre Côté Sud is also a very interactive show. In addition to being able to participate in free demonstrations and workshops, you will have the opportunity to discover all the games and competitions that are organized there. For example, the game Insolites House Emperor will earn you vouchers to spend in this drugstore Marseillaise. Or the Grand Prix des Arts de la Table 2011 where you will set the prettiest summer tables for two ... Many other games and competitions will be set up so that you can leave winners of the show.
Finally, the public will also have the opportunity to give their opinion on the famous contest "Draw the plate South Side" and will be able to award the special prize of the public! So now, it's up to you to play ...

... and 3 three reasons not to go:

If you fear good mood and the sun

The Salon Vivre Côté Sud takes place outdoors and in the middle of June, it is obvious that if you can not stand the sun and you are intolerant to the heat, this show is not for you ... But thankfully, you can find the show in detail and all the secrets of the speakers on the website www.vivrecotesud.fr. Otherwise, you will also have the opportunity to discover Carine Aigon TV show "Saveurs du Sud" filmed from the Salon Côté Sud. You will find demonstrations and information on the Salon Vivre Côté Sud on Saturday, June 11 from 10:30 to 11:30 on France 3 PACA! A good reason to watch TV on a Saturday afternoon and live the living room remotely!

If you do not want to buy beautiful or good things

The Living Room South Side is the perfect place to have fun and discover novelties or Southern specialties. You will find your happiness among the 200 exhibitors and it is almost impossible to resist the temptation and leave without offering some specialties.

You will discover through the stalls of the exhibitors many delicacies, original and regional products that you will not find anywhere else! We warn you that the temptation will be very strong during this show.

If you prefer to go to the beach ...

... while you have all summer to go! The Salon Vivre Côté Sud is only 4 days in the year, it would be a shame to miss it. While the beach will always be there during the summer and even after! We will have to make a choice even if we warn you, the programming this year is exceptional and the next show will be only in a year. You choose…

Practical information

In the Jourdan park near the city center, outdoors and in the sun.Open from Friday 10 to Monday 13 June 2011 from 10h to 20h, 18h on Monday. Nocturnal on friday until 22h.

Entry 8 €.

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