How to make a success of your bathroom?


Leroy Melin

Small space or family room, the bathroom must match your needs. It is therefore important to ask the right questions before starting to build. Here are the tips from Leroy Merlin to help you design the bathroom that's right for you.

To embark on a bathroom project deserves that you take things in hand. Room to shower or bathe, laundry area or built-in WC, ... the possibilities are many, it's up to you to make it unique. To succeed in your bathroom project, Leroy Merlin advises you to follow a few points.

1. Ask yourself the right questions before you start

To help you design your bathroom, determine the ideal area or select the necessary elements, here is a list of questions to ask all residents in your home: Are you rather shower or bath? What time do you use the bathroom? What are you going to put away? Which element (utility or decorative) seems essential to you? Everyone's answers will help you move forward on a common project.

2. Where to start?

A key piece of everyday life, the bathroom is both an intimate place to take care of yourself and a family hub during rush hours. It must combine the practical and effective in the morning to comfortable and soothing aspects at night and on weekends.

The management of space (storage, circulation, ...) and lighting are the points to focus on in order to adapt the room to your way of working.

3. Good distances in the bathroom

In order to give you an idea of ​​the area for which you should opt, here are the good distances to adopt:

  • Shower tray: 90 x 90 cm
  • Depth of the toilet: 50 cm
  • WC: L 80 x D 130 cm
  • Bathtub: 170 x 70 cm or 180 x 80 cm (for corner bathtubs: 140 x 140 cm)
  • Space in front of the bath: 55 cm at least (105 cm to circulate with two)
  • Space in front of the sink: 70 cm
  • Space in front of the toilet: 60 cm

4. The rules for a secure bathroom

Safety standards must be observed during an electrical installation in a bathroom. The standard NF 15-100 A2 thus relates to the safety of electrical installations. She divides the bathroom into 4 volumes. Each one involves safety instructions to respect. It is then necessary to check that the selected luminaire is installed in the zone for which it is adapted.

Volume 0 corresponds to the inside of the bath and shower.

Volume 1 returns above the bathtub or shower tray, up to 2.25 m around the bathtub, if it is not equipped with an apron. Class 3 luminaires, IP 24 powered by SELV (very low voltage) 12 V max.

Volume 2 refers to spaces within 60 cm of the bathtub and shower tray and up to 3 m. Class 2, IP 24 and 230 V powered luminaires and towel warmers and products of volume 1 are permitted.

Volume 3 involves items greater than 60 cm from the bathtub and shower tray and up to 2.40 m from volume 2, including above 2.25 m from volume 1 and 2. Y are permitted Class 1 luminaires and towel rails, IP 21, powered by 230 V and the products of volume 1 and 2.

5. Tips for a bathroom of 6 m2

You only have a small space Leroy Merlin proves that this is not detrimental to implement a bathroom comfort with its tricks set up in this room of water of 6 m2.

Leroy Merlin

The vanity unit is to be placed opposite or near the entrance. A single basin is enough in a small bathroom. If you are at least 120 cm tall and looking for more comfort, you can opt for a double basin.

A well-organized laundry area can be very effective in optimizing a small bathroom. Thanks to a compact washing machine, placed behind the partition of the bathtub, it combines here discretion and practicality. The ironing board slips against the wall and remains at hand.

Storage question, play on the volumes. Columns and shelves to multiply possibilities and free floor space. Drawers equipped. Storage of shallow depth, hung on the wall, to arrange the products of daily use.

Small extras can be added and change everything ... A large mirror offers perspective to the bathroom. Multifunctional accessories, such as a heated towel rail or mirrored cabinet, divide the use of space.

No doubts, the more we think about it, the more our bathroom project is successful.