5th Cinna-Maison Française Competition: the winners


The two creations of the laureates


Discover the winners of the 5th Young Designers Competition organized by Cinna and Maison Française ...

This Thursday, January 12th, took place at the VIA the presentation of the prizes of the 5th contest "Design young creators" organized by Maison Française and Cinna. Results of the races, not less than 350 applications for departure (divided into categories of small furniture and lighting) and, ultimately, 6 winners: four elected by a jury composed of journalists and designers, and two by Internet users via a Facebook page specially created for the occasion (in total, 2100 people voted).

A prize list that honors a school (ENSCI les Ateliers), since 4 of the laureates are from or are still studying there. We wish them all the same future as last year's two winners (Vaulot & Dyèvre's "Phantom" storage bells and Guillaume Bloget's "Simplexe" lamp, which are now on the Cinna catalog and will be officially presented. at the next Maison et Objet fair (Paris).


Jury Prize

1st prize (3000 euros)

Name: "Ring my bell"
Designer: Arthur Hoffner (student at ENSCI les Ateliers)
Express card: a table or desk lamp made of PLA, wood and aluminum that can be attached directly to the tray. The light intensity varies according to the inclination of the lampshade. An intuitive gesture for an object for which a beautiful commercial future is predicted.
Source: Leds

2nd prize (1500 euros)

Name: "Pandora"
Designer: Léa Longis (graduate designer of ENSCI les Ateliers)
Express card: a box to hang or hang concealing a lamp. By sliding the mirror cover, the user modulates the intensity of the light surface. An object that is both precious and enigmatic.
Source: Oleds

Audience Award (1500 euros)

Name: "Luna"
Designer: Aïssa Logerot (designer graduated from ENSCI les Ateliers)
Express card: a table lamp diffusing a soft light through a large opalescent lens. Its metal body has 3 removable feet threaded rod, which offers the possibility to the user to configure it according to his needs and desires. An object inspired by the space conquest.
Source: low energy bulb

Small furniture

Jury Prize (3000 euros)

1st prize

Name: "Recoin"
Designers: C & PY Baudrimont The Sonn (graduated designers from ESAD Rheims)
Express plug: a corner shelf consisting of an aluminum plate and also acting as an extra mirror. An extremely poetic way to take advantage of these areas deemed lost are the corners.

2nd prize (1500 euros)

Name: "Nasse"
Designer: Romain Jung (student at ENSCI les Ateliers)
Express card: a variation of 3 coffee tables with perforated metal base and metal or wood lid. Space saving objects that can also store magazines and other objects.

Audience Award (1500 euros)

Name: "Hamok"
Designer: Julien Cedolin (student at ENSAD)
Express card: a bedside table consisting of two curved wooden parts and a felt drawer. The two wooden elements can, depending on the needs, be superimposed (and then form a housing that allows you to slide the drawer) or separated into two small side tables. No mechanism or element to be assembled in order to minimize the manufacturing cost.