Where does Thierry Beccaro, the host of France 2 live?


Where does Thierry Beccaro, the host of France 2 live?

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Passionate about theater and music, Thierry Beccaro is daily in charge of the show "Motus" on France 2. He is also one of the most faithful replacements of William Leymergie in the show "Télématin". Painter in his spare time, he admits to being a contemplative. His secret dream would obviously be to have his studio one day! Interview.

Direction the 15th arrondissement, near the Champs-de-Mars. When they had to go looking for a school for their children, then very young, Thierry Beccaro and his wife wanted to join the useful and the pleasant and find an apartment as close as possible. With only one street to cross, they had a crush on an apartment in a modern building. His asset? A large terrace that is now invaded by many plantations, rosebushes and weeds, like a parish garden. "In fine weather, we can hear laughter and cries of children, singing birds," says the master of the place. Contemplative, Thierry Beccaro likes to observe the passage of the seasons. But the decor, if he appreciates it, it's not too much his thing. He has nevertheless agreed to reveal to us the intimacy of his interior. Private tour under the eyes of Schweppes, a magnificent Shih tzu who has taken a considerable place in the daily life of the family.

Your favorite room where you like to be and spend time?

Thierry Beccaro: Since always, my favorite room is the kitchen. As I get up with happiness, I'm never grumpy! The idea of ​​having breakfast, even very early, makes me happy. When I replace William Leymergie for the show "Télématin", I get up at 4:30! The kitchen is for me a nice place, even if I do not cook. My typical breakfast: it's the complete black coffee, not necessarily dietetic, with butter and jam sandwiches, while listening to the radio.

The kitchen, rather open or closed?

Thierry Beccaro: It's a closed kitchen, not very big. Functional, it is furnished with white cupboards and a work plan. We can put fruits, bread and paperwork ...

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A dish unexpectedly on the go for your friends? Your specialty?

Thierry Beccaro: Unannounced, I can prepare an omelette or serve a cheese platter around a good bottle of wine. But my specialty, which has become Arlésienne, since it's been years that I have not prepared, is the Pastachuta: the dish of my childhood, a recipe of Italian origin with spaghetti, sausages Toulouse, tomatoes and parmesan cheese. It always impresses the guests who say there are a thousand times too much and at the end of the meal, there is no more crumb. My wife is a risotto specialist.

Your furniture: rather modern, ultra design, family, pitcher?

Thierry Beccaro: Even though I have a lot of tenderness for grandparents, I do not like the solid wood family style of furniture! What fits best with the spirit of our building is contemporary furniture. We opted for low furniture with clean lines. In the living room, there is a main black sofa and another at right angles that runs along the wall. In the living room, the large table sometimes becomes deliciously messy: my wife - beauty editor at Cosmopolitan - tends to display all the women's magazines and deco.

What do we find on the walls?

Thierry Beccaro: The walls are white but we are sensitive to the fact that the eyes can stop on pictures, paintings ... So as one of my facets, it's painting: there is one of my paintings. From our travels in Cape Town, my daughter made a wonderful series of photos that we had framed.

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Your last purchase - useful or futile! - for the House ?

Thierry Beccaro: I bought myself at an exhibition on the theme blue, a blue meerkat made of plastic recovery one meter high. It was made by Belgian artists! It turns out that I love this animal that looks far away ... And more recently, as I'm crazy about music, I offered myself a speaker "Sonos" to listen to the music Wifi.

"My blue meerkat"

Thierry Beccaro

An object or piece of furniture that you could not separate?

Thierry Beccaro: No furniture but everything that summarizes life! My paintings, texts that I wrote, photos of my family and nice moments in TV or theater, some comics, a drawing of Cabus that I want, ... and my blue meerkat! Obviously, impossible to separate from an iPod!

"My blue meerkat watching one of my paintings ..."

Thierry Beccaro

The most unusual or unexpected that can be discovered at home?

Thierry Beccaro: Upon entering the lounge, guests see the bay window and are immediately attracted to the outdoors. Discovering the aerial vision from the terrace overlooking the park, they are seduced.

And you have a green hand?

Thierry Beccaro: Without having a green thumb, we made a very pleasant terrace in the spirit of a parish garden. I like to observe the evolution of plants over the seasons. We planted a tree that I particularly like, an apple tree of love, roses, bamboo ... I also find very beautiful the grass of the pampas: when its reeds are swept by the wind, it's like a field of corn…

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The apple tree of love on the balcony-terrace.

Thierry Beccaro

Overview of the balcony terrace

Thierry Beccaro

And the TV, which room?

Thierry Beccaro : In the living room, and there is a tiny one in the room. I still watch television in sedentary opposite of my son who walks on the net and does his programs ... I am far from being a geek, even if I subscribe to Deezer to listen to music everywhere!

So do you live music?

Thierry Beccaro: Music is essential to me. It was she who allowed me to escape in difficult times. As a youngster, as I noted the copyright at the house of Radio France, I was a real jukebox and it drove me crazy happiness! I am still on the lookout for news and I share this passion with my children. I also took a show in September on MFM radio: it allows me to invite artists I love.

What are your musical tastes?

Thierry Beccaro: In variety, the departure of Michel Delpech has pained me because I was sensitive to the topics he has addressed. I also have an endless love for Californian music, like Michael Franks. I'm happy to see the return of Innocents ... At this moment I listen to the new Liane Foly "Crooner": she takes jazzy titles that she rearranged: it's beautiful!

Rather candle or rather perfume of atmosphere?

Thierry Beccaro: For the smell and the atmosphere they create, I love candles. We have three or four candles permanently on the coffee table. It's calming.

What is on your bedside table?

Thierry Beccaro: There are the three books I'm reading right now: a book Laurence Ostolaza gave me "The paths of joy, the emotion of the meaning of life"by Isabelle Filliozat (JC Lattès);"appeasement"by Charles Juliet (POL) and then"What bullshit war", the magnificent anthology on pacifism, initiated and illustrated by Plantu (Omnibus): I enjoy it and also projects of plays ...

What storage for books?

Thierry Beccaro: We have a library above the bed and another, larger, in the living room.

Do you dream of one more room? If so, for what purpose?

Thierry Beccaro: When I paint, it is on the terrace, but there is not the calm side of a closed place to recollect. It takes space and to continue to paint in a regular and comfortable way, I would dream of a workshop. I do not have enough technique for oil painting: I paint with acrylics, letting me be guided by the colors.

"One of my paintings"

Thierry Beccaro

Rather orderly or messy?

Thierry Beccaro: My memory photographs my brothel. I know where my favorite books are.

Where to find Thierry Beccaro?

• On France 2 in the program "Motus" from Monday to Friday at 10:55

• On MFM radio in the show "In Beccaro mode" on Saturdays from 12h to 13h