Where does the animator and comedian Bernard Montiel live?


Where does the animator and comedian Bernard Montiel live?

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Direction dune Pilat, in the basin of Arcachon. Bernard Montiel, who spent his youth in Bordeaux, has memories of holidays and weekends. To have a house there was to realize a childhood dream: that of a refuge, of a house cut off from the world, to receive one's loved ones. He made it a chic haven where he reigns in his kingdom. Interview between forest and ocean for the end of February 2016 release of the film Elan where we find it alongside François Morel.

When Bernard Montiel visits this house in 1990, the favorite is immediate: on one side, the forest as far as the eye can see and on the other, the ocean. Yet substantial work was needed to transform the construction of the 50s. Gaume style in the tradition of Pilat, the floor was then covered with red tiles and openings few ... Helped an architect friend, he broke everything for create large volumes, let in light and allow interior access for rooms on the ground floor.

After a year and a half of work, the old house has become a reception villa, with a large terrace, a summer lounge for up to 30 people, a swimming pool and even a swimming pool. petanque field. This dream come true, Bernard Montiel still talks about it today with the same wonder. Private visit to a quality host and contemporary art lover.

Your favorite room where you like to be and spend time?

Bernard Montiel: There are two rooms where I like to take refuge. My office because I need to be busy. It is in this room where I collected all my photos of friends, artists and personalities. Fascinated by free figuration, I hung a painting by Robert Combas, very rock and colorful, with two great characters, which I particularly like. It is indeed the canvas he made after his first visit to the Louvre.

In a documentary broadcast on Arte, we see him painting and telling his emotions in front of every work of the museum. That had inspired him to say this sentence on the canvas: "The Louvre is like beans it is eaten with the skin."

But the most amusing thing is that six months after seeing this documentary, I stumbled upon this painting in a gallery and bought it. The other room where I like to isolate myself, read and relax, is my room. From my bed, I am lucky to have an exceptional view of the Landes forest. I like its shades of colors over the seasons ...

The painting of Robert Combas, very rock and colorful, with two great characters ...

Bernard Montiel

Your furniture: rather modern, ultra design, family, pitcher?

Bernard Montiel: I do not like furniture very much: I would have liked to have only white spaces with paintings. So it's very bare except for a Knoll round table with Stark chairs, Verner Panton seats. Overall, everything is white and especially no furniture family. Very soon, after leaving the family home, I wanted to create my universe.

The first piece I bought at the age of 25 and of which I am proud, followed me everywhere. This is a very beautiful eighteenth black dresser: it is now in my house Pilat. I placed it next to a work by Richard Orlinski, a King-Kong red pop art. I like mixing the old with contemporary design.

The other exceptional work of the show is a screen Combas, he has made only two. It represents a winged horse, recurring theme at home, treated with entangled drips of all colors: red, green, yellow ...

The most unusual or unexpected that can be discovered at home?

Bernard Montiel: Whether with children or adults, it is the works of Orlinski that challenge them systematically, in this case a huge white crocodile of the series "Born Wild", the big king-kong of more than one meter and a red panther ...

The huge library that rises to the ceiling is also surprising: I put away DVDs that are classified by themes and directors. Among the books, there is a bit of everything, but mostly novels, biographies ...

The big king-kong of more than a meter ...

Bernard Montiel

The mythical Jeans reviewed by Orlinski

Bernard Montiel

An object or piece of furniture that you could not separate?

Bernard Montiel: The screen of Robert Combas. When I exhibited at Byblos in St Tropez, I really fell for this unique piece, very beautiful. I installed it against a white wall of the living room.

Your favorite color in your home?

Bernard Montiel : Thanks to the white, everything is sublimated. On the floor, there is an eggshell floor that has replaced the original red tiles.

Your last purchase - useful or futile! - for the House ?

Bernard Montiel: The mugs, I collect them, during my travels ...! At the time of Clinton, during a trip to the United States, I met FBI agents who offered me my first signed mug of their service. From South Africa, a year ago, I brought a mug with Mandela. I have Kruger Park, Mickey, another with a labrador ...

The kitchen, rather open or closed?

Bernard Montiel: Totally open with a U-shaped bar in white lava stone. The worktop, is it, made of blue lava stone like the blue tiles of the credence. The layout was made of white wood and everything is concealed, except the steel-colored appliances: a huge coffee maker, the blender ... Even the oven and the American fridge are white.

A dish unexpectedly on the go for your friends? Your specialty?

Bernard Montiel: I prepare large salads, fish in foil, grill - I have an extraordinary butcher. Unexpectedly, I will opt for spaghetti, or else an omelette with cepes - there are always jars in reserve. The meals are taken on the coffee table of the living room in front of the fireplace when one is six, otherwise on the table Knoll for eight ...

And the TV, which room?

Bernard Montiel: There are some in every room. In my job, it's a work tool, and most importantly I'm gaga of movies.

Do you live with music or rather in silence?

Bernard Montiel: I like that it lives, that it moves. So I'm still in music, with a predilection for French songs, Brazilian music, Spanish heritage songs and great standards - Billie Holliday, Nat King Cole ... I'd love to have a white piano.

Rather candle or rather perfume of atmosphere?

Bernard Montiel: Totally candles, and especially scented. My favorite perfumes: fig and ferns of the brand Diptyque. Quintessence also makes very beautiful candles.

Curtains, doors, shutters? What does it inspire you ?

Bernard Montiel: In Pilat as I have no neighbors and I am protected by trees, I chose large white linen curtains, but the day passes through. I need light and I like transparency, lightness ... In Paris, it's different. They are white but blackout.

What is on your bedside table?

Bernard Montiel: A remote control, a book that I have to start - the last Christian Jacq - and a bottle of water. Besides the view of the forest, the most important in my room is a series of paintings facing my bed, the painter Marcel Derulle. It's as if I had Venice in front of me with St. Mark's Square, the Grand Canal, in a dominant of pastel tones, red and brown ... In the 50s, this artist decorated large frescoes for breweries Parisian.

A deco trick or storage?

Bernard Montiel: The rustic eighteenth doors I had bought were too big to use, so I put them in the hallway like a trompe l'oeil. Another little tip and wink, always in the hallway, I made achieve in height, a series of almost invisible storage.

Do you dream of one more room? If yes, for what use ?

Bernard Montiel: Yes I would do two more rooms: a dressing room and a gym.

Rather orderly or messy?

Bernard Montiel: Terribly ordered, it is almost an OCD.

Are you green plants, flowers, balcony, terrace, garden?

Bernard Montiel: I do not have a green thumb and only love white flowers. I have laurels and hydrangeas in the garden. In contrast, my favorite flower shop is SIA. Very convenient !

Your addresses or brands favorites for the house (shopping, decoration, florist, etc.)?

Bernard Montiel:

- "Kartell": they have a nice selection of fun and practical pieces including Philippe Starck seats and armchairs. It is also an ideal landmark to find small gifts.

- "The gallery of lamps": there are beautiful old and new lamps and also large Moroccan tealights. Address: 9, rue de Beaune in the 7th;

- "House of the World" for the ethnic aspect;

- Missoni fabrics.

Where to find Bernard Montiel?

- On the radio, on MFM radio, every day from 9am to noon: an appointment with personalities in connection with the movie news and songs;

- On TV, on D8 where he is a columnist in "Touche pas à mon poste", and in a cinema show relayed on the 36 regional television channels: an appointment people hebdo and on the animal channel, in the monthly show "animal stars";

- In the cinema soon in "The momentum" with François Morel (late February 2016) and also in "Camping 3" alongside Franck Dubosc and Michele Laroque (June 2016).

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