What does the dream house of Raphael Enthoven look like?


Raphael Enthoven

María Teresa DeJesús Alvarez

Where does Raphael Enthoven live? To this question, which is not existential, he did not wish to answer. He preferred to open the doors of his imaginary home. Interview and special visit at Raphael Enthoven's. Irresistible !

Professor of philosophy and bestselling author, Raphaël Enthoven is also producer and host on France Culture. His feat was to introduce philosophy on the small screen with the string Arte. Passionate about the Proustian universe, he co-signed in 2013, with his father, the publisher Jean-Paul Enthoven, the "Love Dictionary of Proust". By inaugurating this imaginary questionnaire, and for our greatest pleasure, it gives us as much to see and to discover, in answers which mix humor and poetry.

Where do you place your imaginary house and in what era?

Raphael Enthoven: My imaginary house has always been in "The never-ending story "It's a shack, a garret, or the library of a castle, which changes shape according to the character or the mood of his hermit.I sometimes fall asleep in the kitchen to (without moving) waking up in the bathroom.

Colors, objects or furniture banned as synonyms for you in bad taste?

Raphael Enthoven: The Kiss of Doisneau. The mirror in the living room. TV in the kitchen. The last book of Valérie Trierweiler. The next book by Eric Zemmour.

An unlikely object, rare or unusual?

Raphael Enthoven: A curious edition of the Cabinet des Antiques, with annotations of Balzac in person.

The height of luxury?

Raphael Enthoven: The silence. The light. The smell of Armenia paper.

The height of horror?

Raphael Enthoven: Condo meetings.

Your favorite piece?

Raphael Enthoven: A room without a ceiling.

The music that we hear?

Raphael Enthoven: A dialogue (without words) between a piano and a cello.

Is there a part of childhood or reserved for memories?

Raphael Enthoven: Impossible. Childhood is a shell that we carry with us. Every man is the snail of his childhood.

The room: with a view?

Raphael Enthoven: Yes. A breathtaking view of the map of the ocean floor.

A secret garden?

Raphael Enthoven: Perhaps. With trees turned into books whose leaves turn yellow without falling. But if it's secret, how could I tell you more about it?

Where to find Raphaël Enthoven?

- On Arte Sunday at 12:30: he hosts the show Philosophy.

- On France Culture at 16h: The Gay Knowledge.

- To read among his most recent books: "The Love Dictionary of Proust", with Jean-Paul Enthoven, Plon 2013, winner of the 2013 Femina Prize and his essay "Raw Material", Gallimard 2013.