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Faithful to the spirit "Gym Tonic" she had initiated in duet with Davina, Véronique de Villèle has launched a fitness program for seniors. What is less known is a "crazy decor". Interview and private visit of his Parisian apartment ...

Straddling the 6th and 7th district of Paris, the apartment where Véronique de Villèle lives connects her to the neighborhood of her childhood ... when she was walking in the garden of the Rodin museum. Its interior is a cozy and warm cocoon. Véronique works there and therefore installed her office in the huge living room.

Obsessive with order, she is teeming with storage tips. Among her hobbies, she loves to divert objects. His hidden paradise? Its terrace with trees and flowers. Intense on her good addresses, she made a guide "Vero finds everything" (Chêne, 2012). In short, Veronique has more than one string to her bow.

Your favorite room where you like to be and spend time?

Véronique de Villèle: The living room which is living room and office-library. I work on an old farm table, which I turned into an office. I am a maniac for comfort and storage! I found black cardboard folders to sort all my files. I made inscriptions in white felt. It is very fashionable. And to hide pencils, staplers and other accessories: a series of black pouches. Opposite, living room side, it's relaxing on the sofa ...

Old farm table transformed into an office

Véronique de Villèle

Your furniture: rather modern, ultra design, family, pitcher?

Véronique de Villèle: I love mixing the contemporary and the old. I have a chest that belonged to my mother, very modern Italian leather sofas, large black bookcases, a slate coffee table offered by Mireille Darc, 25 years ago ...

In the living room, coffee table with the jammy of my grandmother

Véronique de Villèle

The most unusual or unexpected that can be discovered at home?

Véronique de Villèle: A black power-plate that sits in the middle of the entrance on a dark gray carpet. It's totally surreal and always impresses the guests.

I also have two unusual decorative objects, placed on the coffee table: an old silver candlestick that belonged to my grandmother where I put three candles, and a game of petanque balls from Hermès. Prohibition to play while I'm crazy petanque!

Two unusual objects of decoration: game of balls Hermes and jammers candlestick!

Véronique de Villèle

An object or piece of furniture that you could not separate?

Véronique de Villèle: All frames with pictures of my parents.

Your favorite color in your home?

Véronique de Villèle: White, gray and red. All the walls are white, the anthracite gray parquet, the dove gray curtains and the red living room carpet.

The kitchen, rather open or closed?

Véronique de Villèle: It is a very functional and warm room. Nothing is hidden, everything is open with white shelves. To put away the cutlery, I found old dresser drawers in Poitou on which I put large cabochons. I also hijacked a Petrus wine box for salad servers.

Drawers with their small cabochons

Véronique de Villèle

Around the Knoll table, you can have dinner or lunch up to six.

The kitchen all in white

Véronique de Villèle

The asset of this room is its huge French window overlooking the garden terrace.

Kitchen on the terrace

Véronique de Villèle

A dish unexpectedly on the go for your friends? Your specialty?

Véronique de Villèle: I am a great pasta specialist! I often make a great recipe for cheddar and leek pasta. I love following the recipes of my friend Andrée Zana-Murat who has published several cookbooks. Among my other advisers, I also have Luana Belmondo and Laetitia Hallyday!

And the TV, which room?

Véronique de Villèle: Living room, kitchen and dressing.

Do you live with music or rather in silence?

Véronique de Villèle: I listen to a lot of music to prepare the playlists of my classes ... It's part of my job. But I'm a mad news at breakfast, I listen Europe 1 which I know all the chroniclers. In the afternoon, the TV is in silent mode, on BFM and ITELE, and I raise the sound as soon as I see a news that interests me.

Rather candle or rather perfume of atmosphere?

Véronique de Villèle: There are many candles everywhere. I like those at Diptyque and the fragrance "Ernesto" by Cire Trudon. I have a preference for amber and rather powdery perfumes.

Curtains, doors, shutters? What does it inspire you?

Véronique de Villèle: I love curtains: it evokes comfort. A house without curtains is inconceivable, but I only close them in my room. In the living room, I have white Italian blinds, and on each side of the windows, thick curtains with black rods. And in the evening, I like to see the light of the shops in front of my house.

What is on your bedside table?

Véronique de Villèle: I have a photo of my very beautiful mother, a rosary, an alarm clock and a lamp. On the other side, I put blessed boxwood and a crucifix. These are family customs since my childhood. All my books are in the office, apart from my current reading.

Comfort, the most important thing is my bed. Equipped with a remote control to adjust the orientation of the mattress, it is 2m by 2.05 m. The quality of my bedding is essential and I love the linen.

A deco trick or storage?

Véronique de Villèle: My advice: buy old drawers, sand them and choose a nice cabochon. We find some great BHV: big balls in steel, bakelite ... I'm a crazy decor and especially the diversion of objects: I do that all the time.

To put away my mail, I hijacked a silver metal toast holder. Another idea to store the necessary polishing, rather than a banal plastic case, I transformed an old suitcase to toilet, brown leather that I tinkered and polished. I compartmentalized it for brushes and polish tubes. Very practical and so much more beautiful!

Do you dream of one more room? If so, for what purpose?

Véronique de Villèle: No, because I already realized my dream with my magic piece! It's a condemned room in a dressing room: it's like being in a shop. All my friends are jealous. I installed garage workshop shelves, made of metal, and here everything is arranged by color, by thickness: sweaters, 400 pairs of sneakers, ... In a chest of drawers, I put the pairs of socks. In the middle, I have a big trunk Vuitton, this is where I sit to tie my sneakers! As the room also serves as a guest room, there is a sofa and a TV.

Rather orderly or messy?

Véronique de Villèle: Very orderly, even manic. I am obsessed with hygiene and love comfort.

Are you green plants, flowers, balcony, terrace, garden?

Véronique de Villèle: I have a very large terrace in anthracite gray teak with gray pots glued to each other. In spring, it's very pretty: everything is white and pink. There are beautiful geraniums, huge hydrangeas, rosebushes, Tuscan cypresses ... It's an enchantment.

View of the teak terrace from the kitchen

Véronique de Villèle

Flowered terrace

Véronique de Villèle

Your addresses or favorite brands for the home (shopping, decoration, florist, etc.)?

Véronique de Villèle: It's been 40 years since my friends constantly ask me for the coordinates of a plumber, a seamstress, etc. Suddenly, I gathered my hundred best addresses in a book, "Vero Finds all" published by Editions du Chêne. Most are obviously from the 6th district, but not only.

Véronique de Villèle's news:

- A new fitness class: for CMG Sports Club (former Gymnasium Club), she hosts "Silver Tonic", a traditional bar class on the ground, accessible to all, and adapted for seniors in different clubs of CMG Sports Club of Paris. -

To read: "Vero finds everything"

Véronique de Villèle

Véronique de Villèle

- To support: the Association for Research on Alzheimer's, a cause that is at the heart of Véronique and for which she is mobilized: //

10th Gala of the Association for Alzheimer Research