Painting: we put on the walls of color


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No more dark and dull shades, the trend is bright and full of reflections! So, to reboost the decor of the room like the living room, we take out the brush and brighten the room with color paint. Get inspired with 12 photos spotted on Home Projects.

With the arrival of the sun, it is time to revive its interior by bringing a touch of fresh and energetic color. From the living room to the toilet and the bedroom, the walls are dressed in green, yellow, blue ... Here is our selection of the most trendy color paintings, located on Côté Maison Projets.

1. A vitamin stay with a wall painted in blue

House side likes the choice of a turquoise blue that brings character and originality to the show.

Used in the background, the blue paint highlights the objects present in the living room. Here, associated with warm tones, the color of the walls brings vitality to the living room and enhances the exotic touch present on the decorative accessories.

Spaces to dream

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2. Separate the kitchen from the living room with an open red partition

House side likes the revisited partition that separates the kitchen from the living room without stifling it thanks to its round openings and its red color.

The choice of an open partition allows to delimit the spaces without breaking the view. Red contrasts with the omnipresent white and brings vitality to the composition. We also like the geometric game allowed by the ovality of the holes of the partition. Note that the wood of the worktop of the kitchen matches perfectly with the red paint.

Annie Mazuy

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3. A relaxing room softened by a yellow paint

House side likes the yellow reminders on the wall and some decorative accessories of the room.

This room painted in yellow reminds us of the tranquility of the holidays and the warmth of the sun. The combination of neutral tones such as white, gray and black creates harmony and a relaxing atmosphere. Choosing a yellow paint for her room brings gaiety, tone and softness to her sleeping area. We love, do not you?

Olivier Hallot / S.Lovat

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4. A dynamized boy's bedroom with a punchy blue

House side likes the choice of tonic blue paint in the nursery, which contrasts with the purity of the ceiling. Its orientation in relation to the light directly draws attention to this color that awakens the space.

The color is also the decor accessories of the room that continues to bring gaiety to the composition. The ceiling counterbalances the wall pan painted with a strong color. Choosing white curtains makes it possible to harmonize the colors and to avoid certain perilous associations!

Fabrice Rambert

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5. Dive into the green of water with this Zen bathroom

House side likes the serenity released by the green water of the walls. Dressed in a library, the bathroom becomes a real piece to meditate and relax in peace.

Reassuring, the water green creates a cocoon effect fresh and enveloping. Here, the chosen bath brings a touch of modernity to the bathroom. To gain brightness, we favor a white bathtub. Note that the parquet harmonizes perfectly with this Zen atmosphere.

Antoine Huot

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6. Paint your furniture to renew the decor of your living room

House side likes the yellow color that gives pep to this library and allows to delimit distinctly the kitchen area of ​​the living room.

It's not just the walls that need a facelift! Repainting his furniture can also give a whole new look to his interior. Rather than investing in new furniture, repainting can give it a second life and reboost its decor. In this room, the combination of yellow and blueberry library gives character to the space and attracts attention which allows to bring discretion to the kitchen. And also to separate it nicely from the living room.

Emmanuel Lattes

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7. A Haussmanian lounge energized by a touch of sky blue

House side likes the soft blue sky chosen for the walls of this living room that brings a note of freshness to the room and creates a setback.

We note the recall of colors with the choice of a carpet and cushions in the same tones as the walls for a perfect harmony in the living room. Be careful not to fall into the total look and integrate other colors or even a gradient, or to temper with white. Here, the color makes it possible to modernize an apartment of classic invoice. The white ceiling and mirrored sets add depth to the living room.

Immo Photos

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8. A room awakened by a green paint on the walls

House side likes the energy released by the power of the green and the game of transparency allowed by the canopy.

For this room, the choice of a powerful green brings dynamism and depth to the space. We note the natural effect created by the installation of a glass roof and the well-being environment allowed by the association of green with neutral tones. We think to make reminders by favoring furniture and accessories in the same colors.

Emmanuel Lattes

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9. Small corner of tranquility with gray keys

House side likes the calm that emerges from this corner reading height. The softness of the gray chosen to dress up the space makes it possible to obtain a tranquilizing and harmonious effect conducive to relaxation.

No need to go far to decompress! It is easy to create a space for relaxation in your interior by decorating a landing or a wide corridor and thus create an extra room in your house or apartment. Here, the total effect look does not fall into excess because it favors very soft colors. The room remains bright despite the choice of gray as the main color thanks to the location of the window.

Raphaëlle Levet

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10. Dress your stairs with blue paint and gray tones

House side likes the use of the wall block and the choice of a blue wheelwright that aerates the space and emphasizes the height under ceiling.

The harmonization and the choice of colors bring a touch of modernity to this staircase. The marriage of gray and blue does not darken the space and even enhances it; the chosen tones are relatively soft. The light easily enters through the porthole and openings, creating a welcoming environment.

Sabine Serrad

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11. Marine atmosphere for an ultra comfortable blue room

House side likes the beach holiday atmosphere of this blue room with Mediterranean charm.

We literally float on the calm and cool atmosphere of this blue room associated with soft and soothing tones. Here, white and wood reveal a serene and soothing atmosphere. As in a cabin, we like to rest there while contemplating the landscape through the window.

Elisabeth Christiansen

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12. Glamorous toilet with purple red paint

House side likes the velvet effect allowed by the purple red color of the walls. In a confined space, it brings a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Associated with cement tiles, purple brings a glamorous touch to the toilet. We avoid integrating another strong color in the room to avoid overloading it. More emphasis is placed on minimalism and white neutrality.

Paul Allain

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