Where does the novelist and screenwriter Philippe Besson live?


Where does the novelist and screenwriter Philippe Besson live?

Maxime Reychman

See you at Philippe Besson in the 4th arrondissement of Paris. The taste of purity and space: white, light, resolutely contemporary lines. It's in his office where he spends the most time ... writing. Interview.

Novelist, screenwriter, chronicler, Philippe Besson connects novels and also plays. Thus "A tango by the sea", his first piece as a playwright, was played in Paris in the fall of 2014 and published simultaneously at Julliard, then taken again in the fall of 2015 at the Petit Montparnasse Theater. On the occasion of the publication of his 16th novel "The Passers of Lisbon" (January 2016), he accepted to play the game of our column, spontaneously.

The street is pedestrian, planted with trees. A parenthesis of calm in the heart of Paris. His ivory tower? An apartment in height in an old building, not far from the Pompidou center. The door crossed, the master of the place is robbed by Leo, his cat, who quickly comes to mark his territory. No doubt, we are in the den of a writer.

Your favorite room where you like to be and spend time?

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Philippe Besson: My office, in Paris. This is the room where I spend the most time, that's where I write my books. A piece at once intimate and luminous. But I can write anywhere: I also write in Los Angeles where I live several months a year. I did not write "Passers of Lisbon" in Lisbon.

"My office in Paris is the room where I spend the most time ..."

Philippe Besson

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Your furniture: rather modern, ultra design, family, pitcher?

Philippe Besson: Rather very contemporary. Pure lines. Clear, uncluttered rooms. I do not like disorder or overload. I like the epure.

The most unusual or unexpected that can be discovered at home?

Philippe Besson: My cat. A gigantic Maine Coon, who occupies the field, remembers you in all circumstances, and comes to curl up against my computer while I write.

An object or piece of furniture that you could not separate?

Philippe Besson: I am not a fetishist, nor encumbered by nostalgia. I do not collect. That being the case, I have two or three paintings that I really care about. Especially one, who represents a swimmer, on the edge of a pool.

"I do not like closures ... I removed almost all the doors."

Philippe Besson

Your favorite color in your home?

Philippe Besson: White, undeniably.

Your last purchase - useful or futile! - for the House ?

Philippe Besson: Black and modern candlesticks.

The kitchen, rather open or closed?

Philippe Besson: A central island, cement tiles, a window overlooking the treetops, two openings but no doors.

A dish unexpectedly on the go for your friends? Your specialty?

Philippe Besson: Sushi. I do not know how to cook and I have an excellent sushi restaurant downstairs from home.

And the TV, which room?

Philippe Besson : The living room.

Do you live with music or rather in silence ?

Philippe Besson: The silence. I have never been afraid of it. Nor solitude, by the way. These are states that make me fertile.

Rather candle or rather perfume of atmosphere?

Philippe Besson: Very candle. Too even. There are some everywhere. I particularly like those of Cire Trudon.

Curtains, doors, shutters? What does it inspire you?

Philippe Besson: I do not like closures, which stops or filters the light, and slows down the movement. So shutters, like curtains, are always open. And I removed almost all the doors.

What is on your bedside table?

Philippe Besson: An orchid and a mobile phone in the airplane position.

A deco trick or storage?

Philippe Besson: Cover each radiator with a marble tray to hold trinkets and ensure that the radiator does not attract attention.

Do you dream of one more room? If so, for what purpose?

Philippe Besson: One more room would not be luxury. It's always nice to receive friends.

Rather orderly or messy?

Philippe Besson: Very orderly. Almost maniacal.

And then the books, what storage in your library?

Philippe Besson: My library is tidy. By publishing house. In alphabetical order of author. There are many books, I must be able to quickly find the one I am looking for.

Are you green plants, flowers, balcony, terrace, garden?

Philippe Besson: A balcony with camellias and olive trees. In the apartment, orchids, a cacti and an aloe vera.

Your addresses or favorite brands for the home (shopping, decoration, florist, etc.)?

Philippe Besson:

- Fleux (39 & 52, rue Sainte-Croix of Bretonnerie - Paris 4th)

- Kaolin (17, rue du temple - Paris 4th)

- The Orchid House (flower market - 47/49 Place Louis Lépine - Paris 4th)

The news of Philippe Besson:

- "Passersby of Lisbon", Julliard (January 2016)

- His weekly column in Les Echos: "The waiting room".

- "An accidental man" will soon be adapted to the cinema.

"I did not write" Passersby Lisbon "in Lisbon."