Where does Inès Olympe Mercadal, the designer of ready-to-wear and eponymous accessories, live?


Ines-Olympe Mercadal

Ali Mahdvi

At Inès Olympe Mercadal, it's overflowing with everything. Energy, colors, furniture, antique objects and especially books. Interview in her apartment of the sixteenth arrondissement, a building of the 30s where she managed to marry all styles.

Curious and sparkling, Ines Olympe Mercadal has several strings to her bow. After studying letters, she became a freelancer but she was caught up in family atavism. It is in the world of fashion that she has fun and can give free rein to his fantasy, linking projects and partnerships. Thus, it has just launched its eponymous brand of ready-to-wear and accessories as well as a capsule collection for La Redoute, and even a CD "Amor y pesetas"!

And the decor? She adores ! She was soaked by her family. Also the home sweet home she shares with her fiancé, obviously remains a playground to create ambiances and mixes. There is undeniably a soul of decorator in this bulimic of projects that could well decline its mark by creating universes and interiors! Finally at this love of Modiano and Moravia, the books are never far away. They even occupy a prominent place. Private tour and shoes of rigor!

Overview of the dressing room ...

Olympe-Inès Mercadal

Your favorite room where you like to be and spend time?

Ines-Olympe Mercadal: In summer, the terrace where I installed a small garden furniture, it has the advantage of having little vis-à-vis and opens on the living room. I organize aperitifs for my friends. I also love being in bed in my room, especially on winter weekends. I prepare breakfast on a tray, I look at my emails, I read and / or watch TV doing my nails!

Terrace side

Ines-Olympe Mercadal

Room side

Ines-Olympe Mercadal

Key elements in the decoration of this apartment?

Ines-Olympe Mercadal: The zebra motif carpet and a huge custom library where I have classified my collections of books - memories of my studies of letters - and my vinyls.

Between bathroom and library

Ines-Olympe Mercadal

Ines-Olympe Mercadal

Ines-Olympe Mercadal

What is the most surprising piece of furniture or object?

Ines-Olympe Mercadal: my armchair Emmanuelle rattan! I love it even if it does not go at all with the rest of the apartment but it's a separate room.

Your furniture: rather modern, ultra design, family, pitcher?

Ines-Olympe Mercadal : With my fiance, we managed to make a mix of our family furniture and our furniture design: there are dressers offered by our parents, old lamps recovered in our respective houses, a 70s leather sofa. We are almost every Sunday at Puces: with my parents, very young, I learned to hunt, to buy fabrics to make cushions ...

Lounge side

Ines-Olympe Mercadal


Ines-Olympe Mercadal

Your favorite color in your home?

Ines-Olympe Mercadal: I'm in love with the blue Madeleine Castaing ... I have some touches at home with satin cushions Emilio Pucci. Regrettably, I had to trade the panther carpet against zebra because she was considered too feminine by my fiance! Love is a lot of concessions. As for fashion, I like the accumulation and superposition of prints.

The kitchen, rather open or closed?

Ines-Olympe Mercadal: Closed but that's something I would like to change. Indeed, I dream of a big open kitchen to cook while having an aperitif with my guests and later watching my children do their homework. This is my fantasy of the ideal family ;-)

A dish unexpectedly on the go for your friends? Your specialty?

Ines-Olympe Mercadal: Because it's friendly and simple, a risotto with spices that I prepare in 20 minutes and as a starter, a tomato mozzarella salad.

Curtains, doors, shutters? What does it inspire you?

Ines-Olympe Mercadal: I love the curtains but in this apartment, I wanted to enjoy the light and large white patio doors.

And the TV, which room?

Ines-Olympe Mercadal: I like watching TV in bed. I'm a fan of series, I order them all: House of Cards, Desperate Housewives, The Legends Office ...

Rather candle or rather perfume of atmosphere?

Ines-Olympe Mercadal : Both ! I am a fan of Diptyque. I always have one of their big red candles in the tuberose. While I wear men's perfumes, for the home, I love the feminine scents of tuberose and mimosa.

An object or piece of furniture that you could not separate?

Ines-Olympe Mercadal: My books ! I love literature, I started being a freelancer at 18 years old. When I find myself without books or vinyls, I am frustrated. I always need a book on the bedside table, or a small library nearby. I love stacking books and there is never too much. That's what makes me feel at home. I have the same relationship with music and my collection of vinyls, music of the 80s, inherited from my parents.

The library with the books but also the collections of vinyls.

Olympe-Inès Mercadal

Detail of the library

Ines-Olympe Mercadal

When traveling, I always take three or four books from my favorite authors. Priority to Modiano and Moravia! And even if I have already read them four times: I reread what I annotated and it makes me happy! I am old school, I do not read on tablet because I like to highlight in pencil my favorite passages.

How do you classify your books?

Ines-Olympe Mercadal : I sort them in alphabetical order of authors, which suits me because my favorite authors start with M: my Modiano and Moravia are just up to my eyes! It's nice.

What are you reading right now?

Ines-Olympe Mercadal: In the summer, I reread Sagan, for the melancholy end of the day, I also draw in the interviews. I also read two Modiano and of course, I read on the Internet to keep up with the news and a little women's press to follow the trends.

A deco trick or storage?

Ines-Olympe Mercadal: Since I am disordered, I am the last person to ask for a storage advice. On the other hand, to give a Mediterranean touch in my decor, I brought back many painted objects from Spain. And what's more beautiful to decorate a toilet than a series of paperbacks or Folios? When I lived with my parents, I did not have a library, so I had them stacked and it had the effect of a wallpaper.

What is on your bedside table?

Ines-Olympe Mercadal: My phone ! Always connected, I need to follow social networks! And then girls' stuff: moisturizing cream for lips and hands, nail polish, and books!

Do you dream of one more room? If yes, for which usage?

Ines-Olympe Mercadal: Yes, an office with a dark panther carpet.

Rather orderly or messy?

Ines-Olympe Mercadal: Not at all orderly even if with age, I improved! It does not prevent cleanliness and a minimum of order but it must live! I like cool atmospheres with lots of objects, where you can receive friends and children. I hate interiors that have a side too tidy and "laboratory analysis": we do not feel comfortable.

Are you green plants, flowers, balcony, terrace, garden ?

Ines-Olympe Mercadal: I buy flowers every week at a friend's florist and my fiance spoils me by offering me peonies or small bouquets.

Your addresses or favorite brands for the home (shopping, decoration, florist, etc.)?

Ines-Olympe Mercadal:

- "Flowers 8 Matignon Saint-Honoré" at my friend Alexis Maillot, 36 rue de Penthièvre;

- The Dauphine Flea Market to find antique records, crockery and decorative objects. Recently, I bought a lot of Dior childware. It is not very practical because tiny but so pretty ...

- The decoration shop of the Vivienne gallery for original reissues like Memphis;

- For candles: Byredo ice-cold plum or Dyptic mimosa. I keep a delightful souvenir of the blue and golden Guerlain candles of my childhood, of which I kept the pots to put away my make-up;

- I love embroidered sheets: I buy in a shop in Hong Kong on the road to the beaches where I find wonders;

- For custom outdoor furniture: the Unica Punta deco shop in Bonifacio;

- To give color to a table, I love to bring back dishes or hand-painted Menorca ashtrays;

- Finally, for clothes, I like to dress in Madame Klein's shop still at Puces;

The news of Inès-Olympe Mercadal:

- Fashion side: its brand of ready-to-wear and eponymous accessories, available in stores since September 2016. A partnership with La Redoute for a capsule collection. She is the godmother of the third edition of the "Dresscode" young designers festival, which will take place from 18 to 20 November at the Espace Canal Saint-Martin in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, in coproduction with the Eshop We Pop It, the fashion designers outlet (//

- Music side: the release of "AMOR Y PESETAS", a CD of 3 tracks, available since June 3, 2016 on iTunes, amazon, etc.

- And we look forward to his decorating concepts!