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Farrow & Ball invests the Rodin Museum

Farrow & Ball invests the Rodin Museum.

Patrick Tourneboeuf

The Biron Hotel Rodin museum reopens on November 12, 2015 after three years of work. Partner of this renovation, the color designer Farrow & Ball imagines a new shade Gray Biron and uses two of his paintings, Blue Clay and Slipper Satin, on the walls of this iconic place.

On the occasion of the renovation of the Hotel Biron, the color designer Farrow & Ball has composed a new shade of paint specifically for the Rodin Museum: Gray Biron. This new painting is a mixture of two existing shades in the color chart of the brand: London Clay and London Stone.

A unique Farrow & Ball painting for the Musée Rodin

Philippe Szczuka, color designer for Farrow & Ball, discusses the difficulties he has encountered in creating this color: "We had to take into account the density of the colors present in the pieces to reveal the works by contrast. a mixture of two existing colors, a tone evoking red and the other brown.

On the ground floor, the rooms include many wood paneling. Once Rodin's works are installed, wood, marble, stone and many other natural materials come together in a single showroom. The Gray Biron finds its place on the ground floor, where these materials mix, each of them being sublimated by this unique color.

From left to right, Blue Gray painting, London Clay painting, London Stone painting and Slipper Satin painting. Farrow & Ball.

Farrow & Ball.

The first floor of the Hotel Biron Rodin Museum sees the colors Slipper Satin and Blue Gray cover its walls. Philippe Szczuka, from Farrow & Ball, chose this color because it corresponds more to what Rodin knew during his stay at Hotel Biron.

Musee Rodin: state of play of the rooms of the second phase of the building site. Blue Gray tint, Farrow & Ball.

Patrick Tourneboeuf

Useful information :

Reopening of the Biron Hotel on November 12, 2015.

Address : Rodin Museum, 79 rue de Varenne, 75007 Paris.

Metro : Varenne

schedule : Tuesday to Sunday from 10 to 17:45, night on Wednesday until 20:45.


Musée Rodin: The site of the central hall of the ground floor, phase 1. Gray Biron, Farrow & Ball.

Patrick Tourneboeuf