Amanda Sthers: where does she live?


"My office is a control tower"

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When she is not busy writing books or plays in the office of her apartment, Amanda Sthers renovates the country house she has just acquired. Interview.

His latest book, The American Erections (Ed Flammarion), is debating. Currently, two of his plays, - Wall and 50 and shades! - are on the bill. Amanda Sthers is on all fronts. Including that of the decor, with a country house "to redo".

At age 35, you have already published seven novels and four plays. Where do you go to write?

Amanda Sthers: In my office, at home. It is the smallest room in the apartment. I feel good, even if I just have room to go around my desk.

With view on the street or window on courtyard?

Amanda Sthers: On courtyard. Sometimes I even feel like the janitor of the building, because I see everyone coming in and out. I am in a kind of control tower.

How did you set up your office?

Amanda Sthers: With a gray, banal table, an Eames armchair in black leather, which follows me since my first novel, and a library wall filled with books.

"On my desk, I always have a mug, a notebook, the pen-pen by Martin Margiela, and that statue of Virgo that my kids call Superman's mom, I like objects that make me smile."

Rather Net or notes?

Amanda Sthers: I take notes on small notebooks that I carry everywhere. I sometimes write in the kitchen, the living room. I am looking for calm. Especially when my two children are here ...

Are you already part of a decoration or decor to imagine a story?

Amanda Sthers: Yes. For the Thalasso room. My starting point is a thalassotherapy center, its decor and its special atmosphere, space, timeless - it's like a rocket. Everyone walks in a bathrobe and is thus tied. Social barriers no longer exist.

In your opinion, an interior is an outward sign of what?

Amanda Sthers: It reflects the soul of the one who lives in it, it tells something of our life. And the beauty of a decor can also come from the table of the grandmother, even a lack of taste if it evokes a memory, an anecdote. I happened to sell an apartment to someone who wanted to buy everything from furniture to cushions! It's strange. How can you feel at home in someone else's furniture?

Paris or not?

Amanda Sthers: I live in Paris, close to Saint-Germain-des-Prés. But I could live in Lille, Toulouse, Nancy or Berlin.

Curtains or not?

Amanda Sthers: Yes, but I never close them.

Open kitchen or not?

Amanda Sthers: The kitchen has a door. Even if no one closes it.

Tea or coffee ?

Amanda Sthers: I only drink tea. My dream, however, would be to have, for visiting friends, a beautiful Italian machine in which we put coffee beans.

What is the last useful item you bought for your home?

Amanda Sthers: An office for my eldest son who has just entered 6th grade.

And the last object futile?

Amanda Sthers: A lamp with a Michelin man, found in a flea market.

What are your projects ?

Amanda Sthers: I am adapting my novel Les Terres saintes for cinema. Filming will begin in autumn 2014 under the direction of director Jean-François Pouillot. Meanwhile, I redo the interior of a country house that I just acquired, one hour from Paris. I hope I can go there next spring.

To have : 50 and shades! touring all over France (February 1 in Rouen, 5 at Le Mans, 6 in Caen, 7 in Amiens, 8 in Lille ...).