Christophe Barbier: "I'm blown away by my new black kitchen."



How does Christophe Barbier, political journalist and boss of L'Express, live at home? How is his apartment? Our ping-pong interview ...

Christophe Barbier, a brilliant editorial director of L'Express (same band as Côté Maison) with a red scarf is everywhere: at his L'Express office, on the TV sets, at the theater ... But does he live at home? Yes ! The very well-known political journalist appreciates his interior, of which he has agreed to open the doors to us in all indiscretion. Interview.

Your favorite room where you like to be and spend time?

Christophe Barbier : My kitchen ! This room has become one of the nicest areas of the apartment since my wife had the talent to redevelop. Everything has been redesigned in shades of black: the bar, the worktop that is in black granite, the walls with touches of gold, not to mention the lights studied. I spend long moments at any time of day or night: nibble a piece, work, read. This new cuisine has revolutionized our family and social life habits. If you are less than six, we organize our dinners and we enjoy meeting for a drink before going out.

Your furniture: rather modern, ultra design, family, pitcher?

Christophe Barbier : Rather design. As I lead a theater troupe, I also get a lot of accessories or furniture that are added to those of the apartment, temporarily and sometimes incongruously, for a few weeks or a few months. Thus, a 19th century suitcase and a Voltaire armchair can be found between two design street lamps!

The most unusual at home?

Christophe Barbier : Among the props that serve me in the theater, I think of a post in Galena, a huge transistor of the 20s. I also have two statuettes, Indian vestals, which are in the antechamber and old objects related to the trip - old trunks, hatboxes - which come from cruise ships or railway stations.

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An object or piece of furniture that you could not separate?

Christophe Barbier : Generally, I am not attached to things. I can be, however, for objects with emotional or symbolic value. I own two small sculptures from the Hellenistic period (300 BC) which I bought at a reasonable price twenty years ago. They come from an Egyptian site - Fayoub Lake, around which there were potters and sculptors. In the same way, I can be attached to theatrical props, like a cane that served me in a room, a long view, etc. It is less the object in itself that matters to me than the memory that it embodies.

Your favorite color in your home?

Christophe Barbier : Orange, a color that I have not yet managed to impose in the decoration. At this moment, black dominates. Although initially I was skeptical, I am amazed by this choice and the result for my cooking. When it is matinée de dor, its jovial virtues are surprising.

Your last favorite purchase for the house?

Christophe Barbier : With the installation of our new kitchen, there were two favorites purchases. First, a high-performance induction hob that allows cooking almost in a snap of fingers. And a wine cellar design all in metal and glass.

The kitchen, rather open or closed?

Christophe Barbier : Despite its moderate surface and courtyard view, it is closed but remains very welcoming thanks to mirror effects.

And the TV, which room?

Christophe Barbier : Work tool, it is for me a flow of information. In the form of a big screen, it is found in the living room and, via the screens of my computer or my tablet, it follows me everywhere.

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Are you rather candle or rather scent of atmosphere?

Christophe Barbier : Candle. I do not have a favorite fragrance but if I had to clear one, it would be amber.

Do you live with music or rather in silence?

Christophe Barbier : The sound of information is present continuously, except when I give myself a little time - not enough for my taste - to listen to classical music.

What is on your bedside table?

Christophe Barbier : It depends a little on the nights! Here is what you'll find: a remote control, newspapers, a glass or a jar of yoghurt ... No alarm clock at hand: I put it away from the bed so as not to go back to sleep!

There may also be a book but no political books (I reserve them for my travels and office). It will be a book found in a bookstore. I just finished "Cheese", a 60s edition, a subtle little book. Shortly before, I had read "The knife" of Francis Carco, a poet well forgotten ... and of course some theater texts that I re-read for pleasure or that I plan to ride with my troupe. At this moment, I read the complete parts of Jean-Paul Sartre. I read just before Molière, Aristophanes ...

Do you dream of one more room? If so, for what purpose?

Christophe Barbier : Ah yes !!! I would like a big play that would be a theater. Having a piece of curtain and a stage, even in front of only 50 seats, would be great!

Rather orderly or messy?

Christophe Barbier : Extremely orderly. Everything is tidy, everything has a place: I store, I hide! I have to be very organized to find space for my sets and theatrical props and not to suffer the domestic thunderstorms ...

Are you green plants, flowers, balcony, terrace, garden?

Christophe Barbier : I am indifferent to the presence of nature in the city and in the apartments. I like to find it in my native region at the foot of Mont Blanc or in the forest. The city is the city, nature is nature. Plants are like animals, they have no place in a city. And when I see a piece of olive in a pot or an ivy climbing on a facade, I find it sad and illusory. There are some green plants in the apartment thanks to the obstinacy of my wife, especially a bonsai ... As for the crazy idea that plants soften the manners, that we must talk to them, I think we reach the the height of ridicule.

Your three addresses or favorite brands for the home?

  • The BHV: to buy tools and what to do.

And two addresses that serve me for my plays: